How to Hire a Freelancer and NOT Get Sued

Are you familiar with the new laws for hiring freelancers? Back in April of 2018, the California #Supreme #Court 🏛️ made a decision in the Dynamex v. Superior Court case that had gig workers from companies like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash up in arms. Then, in 2019, the California legislature wrote ✍️ a bill called … Read more

5 Steps to Deal Negotiation for YouTubers

As a #YouTuber, you are a #businessperson 👔, and as a businessperson, one of the most important skills you should know is #deal #negotiation.  Whether you’re negotiating #equipment purchases, #collabs, or #brand deals, you must know how to successfully negotiate in order to maximize your monetary and #professional #gains from deals 💸.  How to know … Read more

2 Reason You Need a YouTube LLC

Hey creators! We’re all fans of free speech 🗣️ but as many of us know, sometimes our words can get us into trouble. Take YouTuber Tasha K, for instance.  In 2019, Tasha K claimed that Cardi B used drugs while pregnant🤰, was a prostitute, and had STDs. These aren’t exactly claims that anyone wants to … Read more