How Does Filing for Bankruptcy Affect your Credit Score?

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you may be asking yourself: how does filing bankruptcy affect #credit score? 🤷‍♂️ While filing bankruptcy in California will probably impact your credit score, you might be surprised to learn that it may not necessarily have a negative impact!  For anyone filing or considering filing bankruptcy, it’s important to understand how … Read more

5 Steps for Locking Down Influencer Brand Deals

Hey 👋 influencers! If you’re building your social media presence and trying to increase revenue 💰, you’re probably starting to look into brand deals. Brand deals are a great way to partner with other companies to help them sell a product – and get a cut for yourself! While there are a lot of intricacies … Read more

The Future of YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber 📺, or even just use the platform, you’re probably aware of some of the controversy that’s been stirring over the past few years. YouTube has recently been affected by a lot of negativity, ranging from toxic comments 💬 to fake news 📰 altering election results and privacy breaches that have compromised … Read more

Protecting your Privacy on YouTube

Hey 👋 YouTubers! Today I’d like to share how I learned to protect 🛡️ my privacy on YouTube after I had a privacy scare of my own. It all started off very innocently – a YouTuber called 📞 my office to request a cease and desist letter 📝 to help with trolls who were stealing … Read more

The Dangers of Fake News and WhatsApp

In July of 2018, 32-year-old software engineer Mohammed Azan went on a picnic with three of his friends 👬 in a small Indian town called Badar.  Little did Azan know that mere days earlier, the townspeople of Badar had been using a private messaging 💬 app called WhatsApp 📱 to warn each other of local … Read more

BE AWARE! Your Social Media Photos Could Be Training Google’s AI Without Your Knowledge

In March of 2019, NBC News reported that IBM used almost one million images from royalty-free photo 🖼️ provider Flickr to train AI devices in facial 👱 recognition.  Similarly, in May of 2018, Facebook described how they use Instagram posts with hashtags #️⃣ to train software to identify subjects in images. This training didn’t only … Read more

The Secret About the Instagram Shadowban 

If you’ve noticed follower 👥 engagement decreasing ⬇️ on your Instagram lately, you might be wondering if it could be due to the Instagram shadowban.  What’s a shadowban, you ask 🤔? Read on, #creator. Background: the Instagram algorithm 📊 In order to understand shadowbanning, you first must understand how Instagram’s algorithm works.  When you post … Read more

A New Social Media Strategy for Businesses: Crisis Prevention and Intervention

When you run or manage any kind of #business, whether it’s a school 🏫 or a corporate office 🏢, it’s important to consider emergency preparedness. While it’s common to plan escape routes and protocols, many people overlook the role that social media laws 🌐 can play in crisis intervention and even prevention!  Adapt your crisis … Read more