The Instagram Like Ban: What it Means and Why it’s Happening

We’re here to discuss the Instagram like ban that’s been throwing influencers all over the world for a loop ➰. But before we get into the like ban, it’s important to understand how Instagram functions as a social media 🌐 platform.   How Instagram 🤳 works For those of you who are unfamiliar, here’s the basic … Read more

A Guide to Fair Use on Instagram

If you ever want to use someone else’s copyrighted images 🖼️ on your Instagram account, blog post 📝, or other digital platforms, you should be familiar with the copyright doctrine of fair use on Instagram. “Fair use is a legal doctrine 📜 that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works … Read more

A Content Creator’s Guide to Music Licensing for YouTube

Hey YouTubers 📹, I get the struggle: You want to be able to play hit music 🎶 on your channel without copyright strikes. In the past, adding music from top artists to your videos would involve buying a synchronization license 📜, which was a huge pain! Obtaining this license would involve researching the music publisher … Read more

The Dangers of Multi-Channel Networks 

As a YouTube content creator, you’re probably familiar with the fact that multi-channel networks, or MCNs, can really blow up your YouTube account and bring in the big bucks 💰. However, I’m here to protect 🛡️ you from the dangers that come along with entering into poorly structured MCN agreements.  But first… What is an … Read more

How to Stop Hackers on Facebook

Has your Facebook 👤 account ever been #hacked?  Would you even know if it had been? We all recognize the importance of keeping our social media attorney profiles private 🔓; however, in order to ensure the security of our personal information and accounts, we must first understand more about hackers. Why hackers hack There are … Read more

How to Argue Like a Lawyer on YouTube

Whether you’re on your brother’s 👨 channel defending your position on Lebron James and the Lakers 🏀, or on your own channel arguing about Fortnite 🎮 and mechs, you most likely don’t want to lose. Luckily, the key 🔑 to winning arguments is learning to argue 🗣️ like a lawyer.  Why is that lucky 🍀? … Read more

How to Use Creative Commons Videos Without a Copyright Strike

We all like receiving packages 📦 in the mail, but no one wants #YouTube knocking on their door 🚪 saying, “Copyright strike, special delivery!”  One of the ways to include copyrighted clips in your videos 📺 without getting a strike to your channel is by using Creative Commons licensed content. What’s the big deal about … Read more

Article 11: What it is, and How it Affects You

If you pay close attention to international legislation, you may be familiar with Article 11 of the European Union’s copyright directive. However, whether you’re aware of the bill or not, you may be wondering, “How would a law in Europe affect me?” Now that Article 11 has passed, countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and … Read more

3 Types of WINNING LinkedIn Campaigns

If your target audience includes young professionals, entrepreneurs, or business 💼 leaders, Linkedin could play an integral role in your digital marketing strategy. Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are relatively new endeavors, so they aren’t always as straightforward as those on sites 💻 like @facebook and #Instagram. To help get you started, if  you’re looking to … Read more