The Amazing Stan Lee vs. Copyright Law

If you keep up with pop culture in any way, you’re most likely familiar with Marvel and its creator Stan Lee. However, you may not know that out of the $25 billion dollars 🤑 Marvel made from Spiderman and the Avengers, Stan Lee made less than 1% 😵.  In case you’re wondering, his share amounted … Read more

5 Networking Tips for Success on YouTube

As a leader of professional networking 🤝 groups across Southern California, I’m often approached for #advice on acquiring more likes 👍, views 👀, and subscribers 👥 on content creators’ YouTube 📺 channels.  From my conversations with these YouTubers, I’ve noticed a common misconception that algorithms, from tighter scripts and hooks to SEO, are the only … Read more

10 Steps to Getting Brand Deals on Instagram

We’ve all seen videos promising to teach 🏫 you how to make money 💰 on Instagram.  However, just like everything else, there’s a right and a wrong way to try to get rich 💸 on social media attorney 💻.  Some of the tips and tricks provided by even the most popular influencers are, believe it … Read more

Fair Use on YouTube: How-To Videos

Hey 👋 creator! Do you like to teach, inform, or educate 👩‍🏫 on YouTube 📺? Oftentimes, creating instructional or how-to videos requires you to reference other users’ videos, photos, or music 🎵 to adequately instruct your viewers 👥.  For example, movie 🎞️ directors may want to explain how to direct action scenes like we see … Read more

YouTube Comment News and Legal Analysis

In February of 2019, YouTube began disabling comments 💬 on videos that featured children.   This change was a direct result of YouTuber Matt Watson’s video that demonstrated how easy it was to leave predatory comments on children’s channels.  In response, huge corporations such as Disney, Nestle, and AT&T halted advertisements on all channels – a … Read more

Five Ways to Stop Music Copyright Claims on your YouTube Channel

Music 🎵 copyright claims have frustrated YouTubers for years, but within the past several months, they’ve become a much larger problem.  Lately, record labels like Sony and Warner Brothers have systematically issued copyright claims against big channels like MrBeast and James Charles, as well as smaller channels that want to use music for educational reasons … Read more