When It’s Illegal to Share Your Opinion Online

Influencers who frequently share their opinions 🗣️ with followers via @youtube 📺 or blogs 📝 are often the most popular, especially when these opinions are controversial.  However, these individuals must be cautious 🚧  when voicing their opinions online 🌐, especially if they want to keep their business out of trouble. While America’s constitution 🇺🇸 promotes … Read more

Turn Your Business Communications Into Social Media Content – EASY!

Repurposing ♻️ old content for social media posts is an effective way to save money 💰 and engage followers. However, did you know that this content reuse could also apply to your internal business communications? Sharing your internal information – whether it was originally communicated via flyers, emails, or videos 📹 – can help maintain … Read more

Today’s Top 10 Highest Paid Influencers

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The Three Mistakes That Could KILL Your Online Business

Whether you’re an influencer 📸 or salesperson 💼, ensuring your online business is lawful can be tricky. Staying up-to-date on legislation can be time ⌛ consuming, and hiring social media attorney can be expensive 💰; however, failing to do either of these things could potentially cost you millions of dollars and destroy your business 😵. … Read more

The REAL Reasons Why Instagram’s IGTV Has Tanked

In 2018, Instagram introduced IGTV, a standalone app 📱 or addition to the main app that allows for longer videos 📺. IGTV, which features vertical videos and channels, was created to compete with other video-based social platforms like YouTube and Tiktok. Perhaps due to the overlap of these sites, only 1% of Instagram’s users downloaded … Read more

Social Media and Divorce Cases: The Dangerous Truth

If you’re familiar with divorce cases, you probably know how tricky they can be. However, the intricacies and difficulties of divorce has increased 📈 within the last several years, especially as social media networks have gained popularity. In fact, some individuals have shown up to court 🏛️ only to discover the defense case citing technology … Read more

Should Facebook Be Liable for Libel

Many of us have read something untrue about ourselves on social media 🌐, but have you ever wondered who is held responsible for these comments? Libel, or defamation, is the publication ✍️ of a false statement that damages someone’s reputation, and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act rules that ISPs and platforms such as … Read more

Password Hacks Keep Your Businesses’ Data Safe and Avoid Huge Costs

Believe it or not, any hack into your business’ #private #data could easily cost you millions of dollars – or more 🤑. Whether it’s a lawsuit for compromising consumers’ privacy or simply theft, any data breach your company faces will come with a high cost. In order to protect ⚔️ yourself and your business against … Read more

Opinion: Originality Is DEAD on Instagram

Have you seen 👀 the Instagram account @insta_repeat?  If not, I highly recommend checking it out because it sparks 💥 an interesting and controversial conversation 🗣️ about social media, influencers, and originality on Instagram. More specifically, many professional photographers 📸 as well as casual Instagram users have been voicing their controversial opinion that originality on … Read more

NEW YouTube Rules Copyright Holders MUST Follow

As of September 2019, @youtube implemented a new policy concerning copyrighted music 🎵 on their platform – and for once, this policy may upset copyright holders. While most YouTubers are aware of the consequences of using unlicensed music on their channel, including copyright strikes and potential account termination ☠️, some may not realize exactly how … Read more