My TOP Social Media DOs and DON’Ts

Hey there 👋, influencers. When you make social media into your lifeline and main source of income 💰, there are some rules you have to follow to keep your accounts safe. Sometimes these rules can behave like balancing ⚖️ acts to let your #audience know you’re engaged and active without annoying or #spamming them or … Read more

Keep Your Social Account Safe: The Three Copyright Secrets All Influencers Should Know

As an influencer 💻, social media is your lifeline, so you have to protect 🛡️ your accounts from legal issues. To do so, there are three secrets ☝️ every social media influencer must know. Before I disclose them, let’s discuss the basics of #copyright #law and #noncompliance. Copyright law 🌐 Copyright is a simple concept … Read more

Is This The Scary TRUTH About Fair Use?

As content creators, most of us love 💖 the copyright doctrine of fair use.  In case you’re unfamiliar, this doctrine allows content creators like us to use copyrighted material on our social media pages without facing infringement charges. Fair use claims that by transforming 🌀 a piece of content with commentary 💬, critique, satire, or … Read more

How To Repost Instagram Photos and Not Go to JAIL!

As an influencer and content creator, you must be educated on both the legal and illegal types of “reposting” on social media. Why? 🤔 Believe it or not, sharing ♻️ or reposting other users’ content could result in copyright infringement charges as well as owing payment for damages up to $150,000 per post 🤑. This … Read more

How to Report Copyright Infringement on Facebook

Did you know that if your copyrighted content is stolen and used by another person on @facebook, you can #report 🚩 the #violation with a DMCA form right on the site? A DMCA Takedown Notice is a copyright holder’s request that a stolen piece of material be removed from its hosting website. While you can … Read more

How to Release Cover Songs & Get PAID – Legally

If celebrities like @justinbieber and @torikelly have taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be discovered if they put their talent out there 📹. However, not all singers 🎤 and musicians are songwriters ✍️, and sometimes there are existing songs that showcase your talent better than you could have even imagined doing yourself! That being … Read more

How To Protect Your Fashion Designs With Copyrights

If you’re an up-and-coming fashion designer 👗, you may want to post your sketches and products on social media to attract customers. However, you most likely also want the freedom to share your creations without worrying about your followers stealing your ideas 🤷.  One way to protect 🛡️ your fashion designs from copycats is with … Read more

When a Spouse Dies: Questions Answered

When a spouse dies, handling all the necessary details to settle his or her #estate can be overwhelming.  Don’t let the legal implications of a spouse’s death add to the stress of losing a partner. Remember to use the following guide to ensure you’ve handled all the necessary legal actions: When a Spouse Dies: Checklist … Read more

How to Market Your Law Firm on Social Media

As a social media 💻 lawyer, I’ve learned a lot of digital marketing skills to attract my clients. If your target 🎯 audience uses social media, you should consider some of these tips to grab their attention: ✔️ Establish yourself off of social media While it may sound counterintuitive, for any social media marketing plan … Read more