Where to Find Free Fair Use Music for YouTube Online

Unfortunately, YouTubers are often hit hard by music copyright strikes. Therefore, in order to keep their content and channels safe from takedowns, I always recommend my clients look for fair use music for their YouTube videos. Believe it or not, YouTube’s guidelines on fair use music are a bit unclear. While the platform claims that … Read more

When is it Legal to Post Music on Instagram?

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The Influencer’s Guide to Social Media Laws

Social media laws exist to protect our rights online. In fact, without even knowing it, you benefit from the protections of social media law every day!  However, when social media becomes a part of your career and source of income đź’°, understanding these laws becomes an important responsibility. Not only are you expected to follow … Read more

Should YOU Get a YouTube Sponsorship? The Pros and Cons of Brand Deals

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“What Exactly ARE Media Lawyers?” and Other FAQs Answered

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Tips and Tricks for Influencers to Avoid Social Media Privacy Issues

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When and How to Trademark Your Logo

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TOP SECRET Social Media Hacks From a Social Media Influencer Attorney

As a social media influencer attorney, my job doesn’t just involve keeping content creators safe from hackers and copyright infringement. Believe it or not, I also work with influencers on social media strategy to help them increase their followers, likes, and comments – and make more money!  Whether you’re interested in growing your social media … Read more

The Top 5 Copyright Infringement Laws You NEED to Know

Oftentimes, copyright infringement laws seem misleadingly straightforward. In fact, many content creators define these laws as simply “not stealing other people’s content”. However, copyright infringement laws are much more complicated than this, and failing to understand them can get you into trouble đź‘Ž. As a content creator and social media user, it is your responsibility … Read more