3 Benefits of Using a Lease Amendment Template

As a tenant, requesting 🙏 that your landlord make changes to your lease is rarely an easy task. That being said, using a lease amendment template from a reputable legal source can make the process a bit easier! Whether you are looking for an amendment regarding pets, lease termination, subletting, or another matter, you must … Read more

Common Situations That May Require a Lease Amendment Form

A lease amendment form is a fill-in-the-blank legal template that allows tenants or landlords to make official changes to a rental agreement.  However, note that a lease amendment will NOT 🙅‍♂️ hold up in court unless both the landlord and the tenant agree to the changes and sign and date the document in the presence … Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Copyright: Music Edition

Instagram copyright and music 🎵 issues can be a pain for both original artists and copyright violators. In fact, most problems stem from a lack of or miseducation on copyright law and the doctrine of fair use. On the other hand, many content creators’ problems result from a misunderstanding of when and how to file … Read more

How to Report Infringement to Instagram: Copyright and Music

If you’re a musical 🎶 artist, it’s important to protect your content from copyright infringement. More specifically, you should be sure to research social media law, as well as Instagram, copyright, and music rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, music copyright issues on Instagram cause trouble for a large portion of the platform’s user base. Oftentimes, Instagrammers … Read more

Media Lawyers vs. Entertainment Lawyers: Here’s the Difference!

Many people inquire about the difference between a media lawyer and an entertainment lawyer 🤔 – especially when they’re unsure which one better suits their needs! Generally speaking, an entertainment lawyer is a type of a media lawyer, so they’re not necessarily two different things. However, entertainment law is a specialization of media law, and … Read more