The REAL Reasons Social Media Creators NEED Legal Protection

Most often, we see social media creators working with legal professionals for everyday issues like copyright and website terms and conditions.  However, content creators and Influencers who depend on social media for their income should always work with a social media attorney 💼 to keep out of much bigger and more harmful legal trouble. Unfortunately, … Read more

Top 3 SECRETS About Copyright Strikes on YouTube

Getting copyright strikes on YouTube can be extremely detrimental to your channel. In fact, three copyright strikes and you’re facing permanent account termination ☠️! Between flagging content for copyright infringement and trying to avoid flags 🚩 with fair use, the legal intricacies of YouTube copyright are seemingly endless. As a result, there are a plethora … Read more

Top 3 PROVEN Ways to AVOID Instagram Music Copyright Strikes

Instagram music copyright strikes can be devastating for content creators. Even one video takedown can mean HOURS ⌛ of wasted time recording, editing, and posting to their page.  Not to mention, repeat copyright offenders often lose access to certain features and functionality of the platform – and ultimately may lose access to their accounts forever! … Read more

15 Good Reasons to Get a Lawyer for Social Media

Whether you’re an established ✔️ influencer or just starting out, you may be wondering why you would want to hire a social media attorney. In reality, the Internet provides endless opportunity for self-education, legal definitions, and even free legal documents!  While adapting a self-help plan for your legal protection can be beneficial in some situations, … Read more

How a YouTube Lawyer Could Help You Grow Your Channel

Hiring a YouTube lawyer is a great way to protect 🛡️ yourself and your channel. From copyright strikes to privacy issues, there are endless legal risks associated with being a YouTuber, so it helps to have a professional on your side. That being said, working with a YouTube lawyer has more benefits than the obvious … Read more