Top 3 Signs You NEED a Lawyer for Social Media

Even if you’re familiar with social media lawyers’ specialization and who we represent, it can still be difficult to recognize whether you would benefit from hiring a lawyer for social media. For example, you may be under the impression that only big-time influencers like Kayla Itsines and Zach King require legal assistance for their social … Read more

What to Include in Your Lease Amendment

If you need to request a change to a personal or business lease, you will need to present your amendment to the landlord for approval. However, how do you know what language to include in your lease amendment to ensure professionalism and legality 🤔? First, it may be beneficial for you to download a lease … Read more

Are Legal Document Templates Right For You?

Sometimes, in an effort to save money 💸, people elect to use legal document templates instead of working with an attorney to finalize legal issues.  While legal document templates are a great way to avoid high attorney fees, there are some instances in which you may require advice or assistance from a legal professional. For … Read more