3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Using Legal Document Templates

When money is tight and you need to solve a problem, DIY fill-in-the-blank legal document templates can be a lifesaver.  Oftentimes, legal templates can save people from high-cost attorneys’ fees 💸, and can come in handy for anyone representing themselves in court. That being said, there are serious legal consequences to misusing these forms, ranging … Read more

The Most IMPORTANT Thing You NEED to Know About Lease Amendments

Lease amendments are a simple way to make changes to an existing rental agreement.  Luckily, there are plenty of online resources for fill-in-the-blank lease addendum forms, so it’s easy to get a trustworthy document! Common sources include recognized legal websites, local court 🏛️ clerks, or a certified attorney’s office. In fact, some attorneys 💁‍♂️ will … Read more

How COVID-19 Has Totally CHANGED Lease Amendments

In the past, landlords have been pretty stringent about early lease termination and other changes to existing rental agreements. However, since COVID-19 😷 has swept the nation, many tenants have been able to use lease amendments to get out of their rental units early.  In fact, as offices turn virtual and industry-wide shutdowns continue, young … Read more

How to Use a Lease Amendment Form

A lease amendment form is an incredibly helpful document for any tenant looking to modify their current rental agreement. However, these forms cannot be used without the proper approach, and are not 🙅‍♂️ legally binding on their own. For instance, a tenant may NOT simply fill a lease amendment template and expect the landlord to … Read more

YouTube Fair Use HACKS for Every Type of YouTuber

Fair use is a great tool that every YouTuber should use whenever they include copyrighted material in their videos. While the fair use doctrine won’t protect creators 100% of the time, it’s a great method to prevent and dispute copyright flags 🚩 on YouTube.  That being said, fair use on YouTube doesn’t look the same … Read more