How to Report YouTube Fair Use Non-Compliance

Complying with YouTube fair use rules is an extremely important part of being a content creator. However, many creators don’t realize that recognizing fair use non-compliance and understanding the reporting process is equally as important. As a creator, you work hard to write, produce, film, and design your content. Therefore, you deserve proper compensation 💸 … Read more

How to Keep Your Intellectual Property Trademarks ALIVE

  Using intellectual property trademarks is an important aspect of securing legal protection 🛡️ for your business or brand. Whether it’s a logo, symbol, or name, trademarking your intellectual property helps maintain brand loyalty and reputation. However, filing your initial trademark application is NOT enough to keep your trademark alive forever. In fact, many people … Read more

How to Follow the Doctrine of Fair Use in Copyright Law with Video Games

If you’re familiar with the doctrine of fair use in copyright law, you’re probably aware that using other people’s content online without their permission is technically illegal, unless you transform the material in some way. However, what many creators fail to recognize is that video game 🎮 play content must also abide by the doctrine … Read more

How to Create a Social Media Compliance Strategy for Your Law Firm

In the past several years, social media compliance has become an important part of business strategy. However, certain types of companies, such as financial institutions 💲, pharmaceuticals, and law firms, have much more at risk when it comes to adhering to legal requirements. In fact, the legal industry faces especially heavy regulation of attorneys’ and … Read more

How to Protect Intellectual Property with Copyrights

Intellectual property copyrights are a complicated matter that, in order to better understand, can be broken down into their individual definitions. First, intellectual property defines an idea or piece of work that came directly from the creator’s mind. For example, intellectual property may include pieces of art 🎭, inventions, designs, symbols, and names.  Furthermore, when … Read more

How to Protect Intellectual Property with Trademarks

Intellectual property trademarks include symbols, names, images, or a combination of these elements that typically represent a brand or business.  For example, Nike’s swoosh is a logo and trademark that automatically makes consumers think 💭 of the brand. Therefore, trademarks are extremely valuable for maintaining a consistent marketing strategy and brand perception. Unfortunately, this significance … Read more

How to Follow Social Media Law on TikTok: Music Copyright Edition

Most content creators who are educated on social media law are aware of the serious consequences of music 🎵 copyright infringement by influencers. For example, three copyright strikes on YouTube result in permanent channel termination. Plus, copyright flags on Instagram can result in post removal or app accessibility restrictions. While social media music copyright guidelines … Read more

How to Find a GOOD Social Media Attorney

Whether you’re a small business owner, influencer, or independent contractor who works in the social media industry, you should most definitely be working with a social media attorney ⚖️. Even if you have yet to experience legal problems with your business, a social media lawyer is an indispensable part of your team. From intellectual property, … Read more