Twitter Blasts India Over New Content Rules

Stock image of Twitter logo

Twitter has spoken up 🗣️ about the Indian government’s attempt to censor online content. The social media giant said the newly passed IT rules are a developing threat to the freedom of speech and expression. The platform voiced its concerns after the Indian government reportedly deployed a police raid on its offices in India. It … Read more

TikTok Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing Proprietary Code

A Beijing-based network technology company has filed a lawsuit against ByteDance and their TikTok app 📱 on copyright infringement claims.  Meishe Technology filed the lawsuit in the Texas federal court. According to the complaint, the company was established in 2014 and deals in deep learning, intelligent processing, and television. It also deals in various industries … Read more

Steven Crowder Sues YouTube Over Content Moderation Policies

Anyone who spends time on social media has likely heard 👂 or seen 👀 memes about conspiracies that claim digital platforms are targeting and censoring conservatives. These claims have become louder following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.  The latest victim of this alleged censorship is conservative entertainer Steven Crowder. He is … Read more

Judge Dismisses Twitter’s Lawsuit Against Texas Attorney General

A California judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Twitter to block Attorney General Ken Paxton from retaliating against its decision to ban former President Donald Trump.  In a seven-page ruling, the judge explained that Twitter’s suit was untimely because when it was filed, Paxton had not carried out his January records request relating to … Read more

Voice Actor Sues TikTok Over Unlawful Use of Their Voice

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, with a whopping 🤯 689 million active users worldwide. That statistic doesn’t include China, where 600 million people reportedly use a separate version of the app daily.  If you’re one of TikTok’s 1.3 billion active users, then you’ve probably used or seen the … Read more