What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

You may know liability insurance as the most common, and arguably the most helpful, type of auto insurance. Where motor vehicles are concerned, liability insurance minimizes your chances of falling into a financial burden when you cause an accident. But what does liability insurance cover for a business? Due to their uncertain environment of occurrence, … Read more

Website Content License Agreement

👋Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy🤯, but you have great content so… a website content license maybe? Alright, so maybe you’re not Carly Rae Jepsen👩‍🎤, and that’s not exactly how it would go. But if you’re a content creator or someone who needs to use content created by others, it’s important to … Read more

More States Join Antitrust Case Against Google

Google antitrust lawsuit

If the Google Play Store is such a valuable resource, why is there such a big antitrust case against Google concerning it? After all, if you could name one indispensable platform in every Android phone 📱, it might be the store. Most newly purchased phones come with the pre-installed application, which is the main platform … Read more

What Makes a Good Influencer Collaboration Agreement Template?

The influencer industry is exploding!🌋 Enterprises are adopting a more updated advertising channel, and individual influencers are a huge part of that. Around 80% of marketers consider influencers 🤳 an effective means of advertising and reaching target markets 📈, and about 89% consider this method more efficient than others due to the ROI. That’s great … Read more

Facebook Antitrust Case Dismissed by Judge

Facebook has spent a lot of time in court 👨‍⚖️ recently for everything from failing 👎 to deal with hate speech 😡🗣 to leaking personal information. As of Monday, the social media giant finally got some good news 👌 when a federal court dismissed the antitrust complaint against Facebook. The complaint is from the Federal Trade … Read more

What’s in the Perfect Life Coaching Contract?

If you’re a life coach 👨‍🏫 (or are interested in working with one), your contract 📃🖋 is one of the most important documents 🗂 you’ll need to get the job done. To protect both coach and client, a life coaching contract has to contain some basic points that establish some ground rules ⚠️. These ground … Read more

Social Media Restrictions Law in Florida Stymied: Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction

Florida social media law

Social media networks and platforms have been on the scene for more than a decade now. They’ve ballooned to a whopping 689 million users 🧑‍💻 and counting for Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok 🤳. Millions of users are now using these social media platforms—apps and websites alike—to make connections and voice their opinions. Because of that, judges … Read more

The Twitch Affiliate Agreement: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Twitch Affiliate Agreement

If you’re an 👍 influencer, you may already know that the popular streaming platform Twitch is getting into the influencer game. Twitch is famous for its involvement with video game play streaming, and its most popular streamers get millions of views. To capitalize on that, Twitch has established a method for streamers entering the platform … Read more