DMCA Takedown Abuse: How to Protect Yourself

dmca takedown notice example

Copyright infringement is rampant online. This can be SO frustrating if you’re a content creator! 💻 That’s why the DMCA takedown process is a thing. 👌 Unfortunately, this has led to a few instances of DMCA takedown abuse. Why does this matter for you, a content creator? Well, a DMCA request to take down plagiarized … Read more

What’s an AWS DMCA Takedown?

aws dmca takedown

If you’re a content creator, it can be tough to understand why creators’ works are copied, stolen, misused, or used without permission. Perhaps it is because the thieves have misconstrued the words of Albert Einstein that said, “Creativity is contagious; pass it on.” Einstein definitely didn’t want people to pass creative work on with or … Read more

What Makes a Great DMCA Takedown Notice PDF?

DMCA Takedown Notice PDF

Remember that moment in school when you realized the kid behind you was copying your test answers? 📝 The adult equivalent is plagiarizing, and it’s everywhere. Almost every creative has had their work either copied or used without permission. It’s even worse when the infringer copied these works for commercial purposes and is raking in … Read more

What’s a Public Liability Cover Note?

Public Liability Cover Note

“The customer is always right✅” is easily one of the most common phrases in the business💼 sphere. And for good reason: how can a business thrive without loyal, happy 😁 clients? Of course, they are always right! But for many businesses, part of putting the customer first is a public liability cover note. Bear with … Read more

Does Public Liability Coverage Cover Contractors

public liability insurance cover contractors

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. With businesses shutting down overnight, and job security falling to an all-time low 😟, many people took the matters into their own hands and turned towards finding opportunities online 💻. That’s why, these days, lots of freelancers want to know: does public liability coverage cover contractors? … Read more

What Does Public Liability Insurance Coverage Mean?

public liability insurance coverage

The coronavirus pandemic transformed our world. It has caused fear and anxiety😫 for many people all over the globe 🌍. It made us more conscious of our health and greatly emphasized the need for insurance that gives us a safety net should we contract a disease. For some, this begs the question: What does public … Read more

What Does Employer’s Liability Coverage Cover for COVID?

employer's liability coverage cover

“Quarantine,” “vaccine💉,” “social distancing,” “isolation,” and similar terms have been mentioned frequently in the past year. People are asking new questions, such as “What does employer’s liability coverage cover for COVID?” and “Can I catch COVID from eating in a restaurant?” In fact, the Irish Times🗞️ states that “Covid—the shorthand for COVID-19—has the most citations … Read more