Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable for Independent Contractors?

non compete agreements enforceable for independent contractors

Of all the clauses and agreements detailed in an independent contractor agreement, which one do you think is the trickiest to enforce for business owners🤨? For many, it’s the non-compete agreement🤩! But are non-compete agreements enforceable for independent contractors in the first place🤨? There have been many controversies regarding the enforcement of non-compete agreements, and … Read more

The Top 6 Rules for Instagram Giveaway Success

rules for instagram giveaway

Hosting a giveaway on Instagram or any of the various social networks is a great marketing strategy 👌. It helps you to reach a larger audience, increases the follower count 📈 and engagement of your brand, attracts your target audience and potential customers, and grows your presence on the popular social media platform. What’s not … Read more

What to Look for in an Independent Contractor Agreement

an independent contractor agreement

Are you a business owner looking to hire contract workers for your business🤨? Or are you a freelancer looking for independent contracts? Either way, cool🤩! Hiring independent contractors have helped a lot of businesses achieve their goals and objectives without having to worry about the costs of full-time workers👷‍♀️. For workers, independent contracts offer flexibility … Read more

The Best Instagram Giveaway Rules for Influencers

best instagram giveaway rules

Who doesn’t love a good Instagram contest? Hosting social media giveaways is a marketing strategy to improve your follower count, attract potential customers, and boost post engagement 📈 . It helps to grow your customer base, reach a larger audience, and get your current followers/target audience to engage with user-generated content. If you’d like to capitalize … Read more

How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice in 4 Basic Steps

send a dmca takedown notice

Someone may have told you “sharing is caring” when you were a kid, but that doesn’t apply to your copyrighted work! Let’s say you’ve created copyrighted materials, such as a song, blog post, or article. A copyright infringement happens when someone uses your creative work without your authorization.  But don’t worry; to stop and remove … Read more

How Does a GitHub DMCA Takedown Work?

github dmca takedown

If you’re a content creator, it can be hard to understand the logic behind copyright infringement ☹️. Is it that copyright infringers hate to give credit to the copyright owner when they use content that isn’t theirs, or do they just love taking credit for what they didn’t create? Whatever the motive, if the infringement … Read more