What to Include in Your Website Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Okay, we admit it: no one enjoys reading website privacy policies. You may not have even noticed this legal document on any website, but trust us, it’s there! It is a requirement for every website to have a privacy policy 🤗.  The main objective✔ of a website privacy policy is to explain to users how … Read more

Should I Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?


Have you ever heard of an NDA? Most people hear about it for the first time when they get a job 👨‍💼 or get into any confidential business arrangement. There are many agreements in contract law that most people are not familiar with, and this is just one of them. However, many employers insist on … Read more

What Should an Affiliate Agreement with Influencer Contractors Include?

Affiliate Agreement with Influencer

Why bother with an affiliate agreement with influencer contracts 🤔? It might seem tempting to skip this step and start working on your influencer page instead. But don’t take the easy way out here! Having an affiliate agreement🤝 with influencer contractors benefits💪 both the influencer and their client. As an influencer, having an agreement in … Read more

What to Include in Your Influencer Media Kit

Media Kit

How do you introduce your business or brand to people who’ve never heard of it before? With a media kit, you can seamlessly achieve this 🤗. It’s a quicker way to introduce yourself to prospective clients, journalists, or influencers. So, how can you use an influencer media kit to create the first impression🤞 for your … Read more

How Can I Use a Copyright Cease and Desist?

Copyright Cease and Desist

No one likes having their stuff stolen! That’s why space infringement, trademark infringement, boundary infringement, privacy invasion, and anything that has to do with any party using or doing anything without permission is such a pain😰. Thinking about the time and energy it took to make your stolen property just makes it worse. This is … Read more

Where Can I Get a Business Collab Agreement?

Collab Agreement

Ever heard the saying “two heads are better than one”? If you look at our daily activities as humans🧬, it’s clearly true! That’s why we often collaborate with other people 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧. And when we do so in a business setting, we need a collab agreement to make things official.  A good collab agreement can help … Read more

Do I Need an Operating Agreement for an LLC?

do i need an operating agreement for an llc

What’s the best part of starting a shiny new business 🎉? It might be commissioning a cool new logo, holding your first business card, or making your very first sale 😎. Whatever the case, it’s probably not developing an operating agreement! So it’s understandable that many soon-to-be business owners ask, “Why do I need an … Read more