Top 5 Elements Your Video Maker Legal Package Needs

Video Maker Legal Package

There’s a lot of work 💻 that goes into making good videos 📹 and providing your audience with your unique creativity. However, you shouldn’t overlook the legal side of your career either. For instance, do you know what to include in your video maker legal package 🤔? A video maker legal starter package is something … Read more

What’s a Social Media Manager Legal Starter Package?

Social Media Manager Legal Starter Package

Lots of people use social media to connect with friends and family, but some of us have noticed more significant uses 👌 for these platforms. Social media managers have helped unearth several benefits of 👏 social networks such as marketing and running. If this is you, you need a social media manager legal starter package … Read more

The Top Reasons You Need a Podcaster Legal Package

Podcaster Legal Package

Are you new to the podcasting game 🎙️? If so, you probably want to do it right and make sure everything adheres to the law. Well, a podcaster legal package has the best solutions for you! It’s also pretty simple and straightforward to use for podcast content, and it can provide a good legal defense … Read more

The Instagram Influencer Legal Starter Package: Everything You Need to Know

Instagram Influencer Legal Starter Package

As all influencers know, social media platforms are where it’s at. From school to our jobs, you can find pretty everything online 😇. And of the many social media platforms and social networks out there, Instagram seems one of the more popular ones👏. That’s why you need an Instagram influencer legal starter package to be … Read more

5 Reasons You Need a Website TOS (Terms of Service)

Website TOS

By now, you’ve likely noticed that almost every website you visit has some terms of service (TOS). Usually, you need to agree to the website TOS before even accessing the website content 😇! If you have your own website and don’t have a website TOS, you might want to consider creating one. Why bother? Although it … Read more

What Is a Photo Release and When Do You Need One?

Photo Release

It feels great to take *aesthetic* photographs 🤳 of pretty things while you’re out and about. These photos serve as good memories on their own 😇. However, you may decide to use these images for financial gain 💰 from a commercial project. That’s when a photo release might come in handy.   You probably know that … Read more