What’s in the Perfect LLC Operating Agreement?

LLC Operating Agreement

Businesses can be very hard to run, especially without a proper structure or protocol in place. Limited liability companies 🏢 are no different! They’re very popular because of the limited liability protection they offer, but this protection is best solidified by an LLC operating agreement 📄. Whether for single-member LLCs or joint ventures, guiding business … Read more

What Is Working with Influencer Representation Like?

Influencer Representation

Did you know influencers can get agents? Yep, they sure can 🤗! The US is a viral nation, and social media influencers have a lot of clouts. If influencer representation sounds like a good idea for you, you should know that influencer agents have specific considerations when they’re deciding who to represent. As an influencer … Read more

Why Every Influencer Needs a Content License Agreement

Content License Agreement

So many people in the United States and beyond have formed communities and “families” through the internet and mobile devices 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. However, only people with the most amazing content have gained popularity on these mobile applications. Some use their notoriety for commercial purposes or promotional purposes by being influencers. For those people, a content license … Read more

What’s the Point of an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Independent Contractor Agreement

As an independent contractor, there’s no greater joy 🤗 than starting to work on an exciting new project. Of course, you and the client have already agreed on all terms and crafted ✍ an independent contractor agreement document for your business arrangement—right? It can be tempting for self-employed individuals and contract workers to skip the … Read more

5 Components of an Effective COVID Liability Waiver

COVID Liability

In the last two years, the way we live and do business 😷 has changed a lot. Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon 🙏. For now, whether you’re hiring or hosting people in your business, you need to protect everyone with a COVID liability waiver. Despite social distancing and other safeguards, you might … Read more

5 Key Components of a Stellar Coaching Contract

Coaching Contract

As a coach, improving your clients’ performance 📈 is probably the most important part of your career. Like all professional coaches, you may teach some skills to your clients and receive some payment 💰 in return. That’s why you need to have an effective coaching contract to solidify this great business relationship! A coaching contract … Read more

What’s an Affiliate Privacy Policy?

Affiliate Privacy Policy

There are so many ways to make money off the internet! I mean, who doesn’t want to make money😋? In the quest for productivity, relevance, and success, a lot of people have delved into fields such as freelancing, tech, affiliate marketing program, customer service, and other business practices 🙂. Therefore, in this post, we are … Read more