What’s an Influencer Video Participant Release Form?

Video Participant Release

Hold on just a second✋! Don’t start recording content with anyone until you get them to sign✍️ a video participant release form. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a documentary, an ad, or parts of a video meeting that you’ll incorporate into a public video—you need to have your video participant release at the ready. Ignoring … Read more

What Is an NFT?

What Is an NFT?

NFTs have transformed the world of digital art and digital collectibles 🤗. As an influencer or a digital artist, you’ve probably noted the significant increase in secondary sales 📈 from the new audience (crypto-audience) created by NFTs.  Apart from connecting with new fans 👌, you can also claim ownership of various assets using NFTs. But … Read more

Why You Need a Video Appearance Release Form 

Video Appearance Release

Picture this: you’re checking out the amazing stats from your new YouTube video 🖥️ when the phone rings. It’s the guest from the video, and they’re calling to say they’ve changed their mind and aren’t comfortable 😕 with their appearance in your video. You suddenly realize you don’t have permission forms on file, and you’ll … Read more

Virtual Land for Beginners

Virtual land for beginners

The Metaverse 😎, cryptocurrency, fungible tokens, NFTs—we are living in a whole new world these days. Virtual land is part of that world 🤳, and plenty of enterprising businesses are investing millions into metaverse tech. If you want to be up to speed on what some people predict is the next iteration of social media, … Read more

NFT Legal Regulations: What You Need to Know

The Legal Side of NFTs: How They Work

NFTs have taken digital wallets everywhere by storm 🌩. Everyone keeps talking about this new addition to the digital economy. Many businesses 😇 have embraced NFTs and even make several transactions daily because of their rise in popularity. But do they understand the legal regulations NFTs have to follow or are they headed for trouble?  … Read more

What Is the Metaverse?

What Is the Metaverse?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the word “metaverse” floating around recently. Facebook, or “Meta” as it’s now called, no doubt has a lot to do with this. But we can’t blame it all on Meta 🤷—the metaverse is also hitting other parts of the digital world 🤳, from gaming to … Read more