Ian Corzine

How a Federal Prosecutor became Your Social Media Lawyer

When I started my YouTube channel in 2018, I was excited. Already a content creator at heart, I figured it would be pretty straight forward. After all, I had supported social media creators for years so I figured I had heard all the questions and seen all the pitfalls and knew exactly what to expect.

What I didn’t anticipate was how being on the other side, actually making the videos and content, was an entirely different experience than just being a viewer.

Once you go from consumer to creator, your investment in what your doing goes up 100x. You want people to watch your videos or like your photos.

You’re putting in hours and hours a week to make awesome stuff before you even get paid with the hope that if you are consistent enough, funny enough, creative enough, you’ll reach influencer status and be able to start making money.

So when a platform changes its rules in an instant and you wonder if all your hard work was for nothing, panic might ensure… but it’s doesn’t have to.

So many questions can come up…

Am I allowed to use this music?

What about inserting this video from someone else?

The algorithm changed! Now, what do I do?

Is this fair?

Luckily I do have expertise in these matters, and the experience of starting my own channel allowed me to understand what my clients go through when they grow their business on social media at an even deeper level.

People sometimes ask me, “Why should I hire you?”

Because I have the unique experience of being a content creator AND a 20-year experienced litigation lawyer.

I know social media — I know the courts.

If you need an adviser who has actually edited videos and actually conducted court trials, then I’m the person for you.

I understand the needs and hardships of Social Media Creators because I am one, through and through. My YouTube channel was born because I love the law, public speaking, and videography, and I accumulated over 1 million views in the first year on air!

Why I Love Social Media Law

It’s the place that I can make an immediate difference. I am so ready to advise an up-and-coming social media creator, who’s in a jam.

The best feeling in the world is to hear back from the creator that my recommendations have made that immediate difference — the copyright infringement lawsuit was dismissed, the DMCA counter-notification worked and the video is back-up, or the negotiation with the brand was successful and my creator made a lot of money.

This is the reason I wake up in the morning — excited and ready to serve creators!

How to “Do” Social Media

Beginning creators dream of millions of followers and billions of likes. Finally, they will be valued by so many in this life…

But this is B.S. You don’t get social media success by catering to the masses. You get it by giving something useful to one other person. That person will value what you offer that she will pass on your value to another and another, and so on.

By working in this paradigm, you will gain engaged and devoted community members. These members will help you grow your audience, and eventually, your social media following. But, unless you’re one of the really lucky ones, it’s going to take time, which makes it rewarding in its own right.


IAN CORZINE is a successful social media creator

Ian spent the earlier days of his career in Northern California earning his law degree and becoming a Federal Prosecutor. But Southern California called him and he eventually moved down to Los Angeles to get experience in business and insurance law.

L.A. is a unique place, saddled side-by-side with the entertainment industry. Here, social media is king and there are more influencers per square mile here than anywhere else.

Luckily Ian has expertise in these matters, and the experience of starting his own successful channel allowed him to understand exactly what his clients go through when they grow their business on social media at an even deeper level.

The problem with the law is that it’s not straight forward AND there aren’t many resources.

That’s exactly why Ian became Your Social Media Lawyer.