3 Benefits of Using a Lease Amendment Template

As a tenant, requesting 🙏 that your landlord make changes to your lease is rarely an easy task. That being said, using a lease amendment template from a reputable legal source can make the process a bit easier!

Whether you are looking for an amendment regarding pets, lease termination, subletting, or another matter, you must always obtain written approval from your landlord to make the change legally official.

Luckily, by presenting your landlord with a completely written lease amendment proposal, you have a much better chance of getting that approval 👌!

Still unsure whether a lease amendment template is right for you? Check out these three benefits of using a legal document template for your rental agreement addendum and then make your decision:

1. The language will hold up in court 🏛️

When you use a reputable legal website, resources provided by your local court, or an attorney’s office to obtain legal document templates, you can be confident that the form you create will be recognized by a judge.

In other words, fill-in-the-blank legal forms are created with the DIY-er in mind. Therefore, the legal jargon is already written ✍️ for you, with blank sections available for you to fill in details specific to your situation.

While tenants should not expect to end up in court defending a lease amendment, crazier things have happened, and it’s always good to be prepared.

Ultimately, as long as your document is signed and dated by the appropriate parties and witnesses, you can feel confident 👍 defending your form in front of a courtroom – if you have to face one.

2. It’s EASY!

Since the attorney or legal professional who created your lease amendment template did most of the work for you, using these DIY forms makes your life EASY!

In the past, you may have had to work with an attorney 💁‍♂️ to make a change to your rental agreement. 

On the other hand, even if you chose to do most of the work yourself, you’d likely have to scour the Internet for the proper legal terminology and requirements to create a valid document.

Luckily, with an attorney-approved fill-in-the-blank form, you have the opportunity to adapt an existing legal document to your situation. In fact, many attorneys such as myself provide legal templates they’ve actually used in their own lives 😲!

Simply download the template, add in your personal details, and you’re DONE ✅!

3. Your landlord will thank you

Ultimately, even a beautifully filled legal form is useless 🙅‍♂️ without your landlord’s approval and signature. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make their life as easy as possible, too!

Thankfully, using a lease amendment template to make your proposal for a rental agreement change is the best way to keep extra work off of your landlord’s plate.

Once you fill out all of the necessary information, you can simply present the addendum to your landlord for approval, revisions ❌, or negotiations!

Unless your landlord has a major problem with the changes you’re proposing, chances are they’ll be grateful you took on the hard work yourself. In fact, if they approve of these new terms, all that’s left for them to do is sign and date 🤝 – and how could anyone say no to that?

All in all, a lease amendment template is a simple, inexpensive option for making changes to a current rental agreement in a manner that makes your landlord – and YOU! – happy.