4 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Lawyer BEFORE You Secure a Brand Deal

Brand deals are a great way for Influencers to earn steady revenue, but did you know you should NEVER 🙅‍♂️ sign a brand deal without consulting a social media lawyer? 

Between strategy and legal protection, a social media attorney is an important part of your team. Plus, we’re specifically trained and experienced in social media law, so all of our legal forms and knowledge are tailored to your needs.

Need more convincing? Check out these top reasons you should ALWAYS hire a social media lawyer prior to signing ✍️ a brand deal:

1. We’ve seen it all before

Experienced social media lawyers have worked with a plethora of influencers and YouTubers who have secured deals with some of the most sought-after brands. 

As a result, we know what these brands want, what you can get from them, and the best way to make a deal 🤝.

For example, many brands require proof of sales and audience 👥 engagement. Luckily, by working with a social media attorney, you can get help assessing your Amazon Affiliate link sales and audience engagement with sites like Social Blade.

More specifically, we can review your stats 📊 and advise you on any necessary steps to prepare yourself for a deal proposal. This way, you can be in top shape before you contact the brands you’d like to partner with.

2. We can help you write your proposals

Once you know which brands you want to work with, it’s time to get in touch with them by sending an ad proposal.

An ad proposal 📝 is a brief and pithy offer of your services that convinces brands you will sell their merchandise. Luckily, to help out with this process, many social media attorneys provide access to ad proposal templates on their websites.

All in all, we can help you integrate everything we’ve researched and prepared into your proposal and ensure you send 📤 it to the most appropriate party.

3. We are trained negotiators

As attorneys, we know how to negotiate. Therefore, when you add a lawyer to your team, you can ensure you’ll be getting the best deal possible for your channel or social pages.

More specifically, we know what research 🔎 to conduct prior to the negotiation sessions. For example, what has this brand paid its partners in the past? 

Additionally, we can provide you with the important questions to present during negotiation, such as:

❓What are the typical terms of your deals?

❓How will I get paid? 

❓How much will I get paid? 

Plus, we know a ton of negotiation tricks to steer the conversation in your favor. Ultimately, after working with a social media lawyer, you’ll be prepared and confident 👌 during the negotiation stage of securing your brand deal.

4. Brand deals always come with legal risk

Between the Truth in Advertising Law and liability risk, brand deals ALWAYS require strong, professionally written disclaimers. 

More specifically, the Truth in Advertising Law requires a disclaimer 📜 that states you are earning a small commision in order to review or feature a product. In other words, your followers must know you are a part of a brand deal any time you promote a product or service.

Unfortunately, failure to comply with the Truth in Advertising Law can result in fines between $100 and $50,000 🤑, so it’s a smart idea to work with a lawyer to help craft your disclaimer. 

Additionally, it’s important to consult a social media attorney to protect yourself from liabilities that come with sponsorships. 

For example, if you are advertising a health product like a protein shake or weight loss tea that has negative health effects on its consumers, you need to ensure you will not be held responsible for any damages.

In addition to protective disclaimers in your post descriptions, you should also ask your lawyer if you could benefit from establishing an LLC. Limited liability companies protect 🛡️ your personal assets from legal damages, should you get into trouble.

If you’re interested in getting a YouTube sponsorship, you can stop worrying about the difficult and negative parts of brand deals by speaking 💬 with a social media attorney. Reach out for a consultation today!