5 Steps for Locking Down Influencer Brand Deals

Hey 👋 influencers!

If you’re building your social media presence and trying to increase revenue 💰, you’re probably starting to look into brand deals.

Brand deals are a great way to partner with other companies to help them sell a product – and get a cut for yourself!

While there are a lot of intricacies involved, possibly the most difficult part of brand deals is actually securing ✔️ one.

To help you get started, here are the five steps I advise my clients to take when locking 🔒 down brand deals:

1. Define your audience 👥

Consider your audience’s age, average income 💲, and potential interests. 

Then, brainstorm some products they might use; are they more likely to buy snowboards 🏂 or headphones 🎧, cat 🐱 food or books 📚?

2. Find a product you’d buy

Once you’ve determined what kind of product or service you’d like to sell, be sure to find companies or brands that produce quality material.

Trust in and respect your audience, and don’t 🙅‍♂️ try to sell them something you don’t believe in 👎.

3. Practice with #Amazon #Affiliate #links 🔗

Before you send out proposals to any brands, gather some data on your selling skills by using Amazon Affiliate links in your posts or videos 📺. 

If you post livestream gameplay on YouTube, for example, add an Amazon Affiliate link to the controller 🎮 or keyboard ⌨️ you use and record your sales stats. 


4. Write ✍️ your proposal

Once you’ve found a brand you’d like to partner 🤝 with, it’s time to get it all on paper! 

Create a proposal outlining your business strategy and why this partnership would work; describe your audience’s interests and demographics, and make the brand believe they need you!

Additionally, remember to include your proof of sales and the data 📊 you collected from your Amazon Affiliates trial run. 

5. Press send ➡️

Once your letter is finalized, visit your prospective brand partner’s website to find the most relevant email 📧 address possible; and don’t forget to include your own contact information as well!