Are Legal Document Templates Right For You?

Sometimes, in an effort to save money 💸, people elect to use legal document templates instead of working with an attorney to finalize legal issues. 

While legal document templates are a great way to avoid high attorney fees, there are some instances in which you may require advice or assistance from a legal professional. For example, estate planning and probate for a very large estate is no easy task and will most likely require advice from some sort of legal professional.

Furthermore, some legal endeavors require special forms 📝 that are designed to meet your specific needs. Oftentimes, online legal document templates only provide the most basic forms, and therefore could be lacking specific requirements for your circumstances.

That being said, legal document templates are a wonderful option for many people who want an easy, fill-in-the-blank legal experience with no fuss and no attorney fees 💰. 

Unsure whether legal document templates are right for you? Check out this list of situations and solutions to help you determine whether legal document templates may fit your needs:

💭 A social media influencer wants to host an Instagram giveaway for her followers. Should she consider using legal document templates?

When it comes to online giveaways and contests, social media platforms like Instagram have a plethora of rules and legal guidelines you may not even know about! 

That being said, brands hosting their own contest or sweepstakes on social media can oftentimes get away with using legal document templates for their giveaway rules, terms, and conditions 👍. 

On the other hand, if an influencer is hosting a giveaway sponsored by another brand, she may want to consider consulting a social media attorney for protection. When it comes to brand deals and other sponsorship agreements, it’s never a bad idea to ensure that what you’re being asked to do is within the realm of your negotiated contract 🤝 and legally acceptable!

💭 A local author wants to hire an independent contractor as a part-time graphic designer. Should he consider using legal document templates for his employment paperwork?

As of 2020, California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) has made hiring gig workers a bit more complicated. Since this law was put into effect, anyone hiring an independent contractor must prove ☑️ a series of statements concerning the employee’s status. Ultimately, the bill makes it that much more difficult to hire gig workers in California.

With this information in mind, anyone looking to hire an independent contractor can most likely do so using legal document templates. However, these individuals must ensure that they are using up-to-date forms; otherwise, they may not be partaking in a legal hiring process 👎.

Additionally, a company hiring an independent contractor should do some research on hiring laws in their state before using legal document templates. Then, if they still have questions about which forms to use, they should consult a legal professional.

💭 A renter needs to leave their apartment early, before their lease ends. Should they consider using legal document templates for a lease amendment?

If someone has a friendly or respectable relationship with their landlord and a legitimate reason to end their lease, oftentimes a discussion 💬 and simple lease amendment is all they’ll need. 

In fact, after studying the terms of their current lease, a renter may approach their landlord with an amended lease created with legal document templates and request approval to vacate.

However, if the renter is leaving for legal reasons, such as an illegal rental, an unfit living situation, or a breached lease by the landlord, it may be in their best interest to consult an attorney. Furthermore, if an initial lease amendment is denied and the landlord refuses to negotiate a new lease, legal document templates unfortunately won’t be enough to help a renter vacate 🚪 a property. 

Overall, if the tenant experiences any rebuttal to their proposed lease amendment, they will probably require legal assistance.

💭 A YouTuber is entering a brand deal with a brand he loves. Should he use legal document templates for his contract?

While brand deals are an extremely common tactic used by YouTubers to increase their revenue, there are a lot of details involved in negotiating a contract – even when the YouTuber is thrilled to work with the specific company.

Overall, YouTubers want to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible. Therefore, contract negotiations will likely involve multiple revisions ✍️ from each side.

As a result, YouTubers interested in brand deals may not want to rely on legal document templates. Instead, they should consider consulting a social media attorney to revise and submit their contracts – and teach them some negotiating tactics in the process.