Copyright Instagram Photos – Stop Thieves from STEALING Your Photos!!!

Have you ever had your photos stolen by Internet thieves only to have them show up under someone else’s account? This is illegal, and you can stop it!!

Here are my 5 tips on preventing the unlawful copying of your photos on Instagram.


1. Post an Official Copyright Notice with all your photos

a. This Notice will include the copyright symbol, followed by the year, and then your name.

b. Example: © 2019 Ian Corzine

c. This Notice is telling the world that this material is yours and you will protect it

2. Add Watermarks to Your Photographs

a. I know they can distract from your photo, BUT they are absolutely necessary

3. Take Care in How you Post your Photos

a. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions for the specific platform

b. Verify how the platforms allows your work to be used and/or shared

c. Put some code in your pictures or website so people cannot simply copy & paste your material.

d. Become a member of Pixie.com – This is a free website that will search the internet for unauthorized use of your photos and will help in the resolution

4. Report the Copyright Infringement to Instagram

a. BEFORE you do this make sure it is not being used in a Fair Use exception

b. Watch some of my other videos about Fair Use to learn about the requirements

5. Finally, send a “Cease & Desist” letter to the copyright infringer

a. This letter is necessary to officially inform the thief that they have violated your copyright and they need to take it down immediately.

b. You can also use a DMCA take-down notice

c. You can find my sample Cease & Desist Letter at www.iancorzine.com