Copyright on Instagram Videos – 3 Tips for Avoiding Instagram Copyright on Videos


Creators ask me all the time how they can post video clips on Instagram without having copyright violations. It can be done, and I am going to tell you exactly how to do it:


1. Keep it short

·      Instagram’s algorithms are preprogramed to identify long-form video clips

·      Keep it short

·      I know “short” can be subjective, but I recommend making the clip 1-3 seconds long


2. Make the video clip your own

·      Change the video clip by making it seem as your own (through meaning or expression)

·      Try commenting, responding, transformation, fundamentally changing it, and/or mixing it up

·      My video that accompanies this blog contains an awesome mashup of songs an artist created that didn’t get a copyright strike. 


3. Modify the video clip

·      Physically alter the video clip

·      Change the color scheme

·      Add some noise

·      Slow down the clip

·      Digitally change the clip

·      Again, many great examples are provided in my YT video about this subject


If you want to learn more about copyright laws and fair use exceptions, I have several other videos that discuss these topics in depth.