Does Public Liability Coverage Cover Contractors

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. With businesses shutting down overnight, and job security falling to an all-time low 😟, many people took the matters into their own hands and turned towards finding opportunities online 💻. That’s why, these days, lots of freelancers want to know: does public liability coverage cover contractors?

Let’s break that down a bit. As the world turned virtual, contractors like social media influencers and YouTube stars saw a boom in their viewership. But it’s not all butterflies and rainbows for growing independent contractors. With the threat of COVID contraction and spread ever-present 😵, any sort of business or sole trader providing products or services cannot be too careful

Naturally, business owners want to know their coverage options, and workers want to know if they’ll be compensated if they get sick. We have all heard about tons of insurance plans for every sort of business under the sky, but what about independent contractors like social media influencers? Does public liability coverage cover contractors 🤔? Let’s find out. 

What Is Public Liability Coverage?

Public liability coverage, or public liability insurance, is a type of insurance. It covers the compensation that you, as a contractor, may have to pay in case you or your business is found responsible for public damage ❌.

The damage mentioned could be of a personal or material nature (e.g. you or your stuff was harmed). The claim can be made by any customer, client, or even a passerby. Simply put, public liability coverage protects businesses and independent contractors against injury or property damage claims made by anyone who comes into contact with the business.

Does Public Liability Coverage Cover Contractors?

Now that you know what public liability coverage is, it’s time for the next question. Does this cover contractors like social media influencers and icons 🤔?

Public Liability Coverage covers the insurance holder and their business. The insurance holder can be a business or an independent contractor, like an internet worker (maybe that’s you!). The policy protects the coverage holder against the claims of damage or injury. Any member of the public who may come into contact with the coverage holder or their business can make such claims.

Do I Need Public Liability Coverage?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a business owner. It is not unusual for businesses to have one or multiple insurance policies. These allow the business to adhere to legal requirements and protect themselves. That is why it is very easy to find information and opportunities for coverage customized to the needs of most common businesses.

When it comes to independent contractors or sole traders like social media influencers 🤳 or YouTube stars, there isn’t a lot of information available about the right coverage plans. However, that does not mean that they do not need it. Independent contractors can be subjected to the same claims that can be made against any other sort of business! Most independent contractors tend to deal with clients one on one, 👯 and that creates the possibility of potential liabilities.

The benefits of public liability coverage are easily digestible when you consider COVID. Even if you think that your services are pretty harmless, there is no guarantee against COVID contraction during basically any face-to-face business interaction. The following are a few events that might make you consider the importance of public liability coverage for independent contractors.

Events Where Public Liability Coverage May Come in Handy

Meet and Greet 🤗: You’ve probably heard of, attended, or even organized a gathering created by social media icons so they can meet and interact with followers. Mismanagement or unforeseen circumstances at such events can cause at the very least discomfort. In a worst-case scenario, there might be injuries 🤕 to the people participating in the event.

Any event with more than a smattering of attendees becomes especially concerning during COVID. Public liability coverage comes in handy when dealing with such potential risks.

Podcasts: Who doesn’t love podcasts 🎙️, right? No manner of liability immediately comes to mind when you think of podcasts. But imagine that you walk into your client’s workplace and spill your coffee on their equipment. Or, let’s say you simply breathe on them and accidentally give them COVID. That could result in a major financial loss 💸 for you unless you seek out excellent public liability coverage.

Live Events: As an influencer, you might receive invitations to brand launches and flashy live events 🥳. If your work puts you in direct contact with the public, then it’s always a good idea to get public liability coverage.

Collabs 👯: Short for collaborations, this term describes when a social media contractor joins forces with a brand, other independent contractors, or agency to advertise a product, service, or their profiles. A lot of things can go well in these collaborations, of course. But sometimes things go wrong, especially with big players like high-end brands. Most prominent brands have a team of lawyers and several coverage policies only to deal with any such fiascos. 

Take Advantage of Public Liability Coverage

Considering this, as a smaller fish, it’s a good idea to prepare for the worst. If you get yourself public liability coverage, you can protect yourself. This covers potential claims from brands, customers, or any random member of the public alike. And you can still sue and get a payout from another policy if you’re harmed while working with a business. 

Now you know that public liability coverage is as beneficial for independent contractors as it is for larger firms. If you find yourself wanting to get coverage, file a claim, or just get to know about more suitable options for you, feel free to reach out 📞 and seek professional services of a social media lawyer!