How to Find and Report Stolen YouTube Video Content

YouTubers and their teams work hard to write ✍️, produce, film 📹, and edit their videos, so when even the smallest piece of content is stolen, it can be heartbreaking 💔.

Luckily, @youtube has made it easy for content creators to find 🔎 and report ❗ stolen video content on the platform.

If you suspect part of your YouTube video has been stolen, here are the steps you should take to get it removed:

✔️ Find 🕵️‍♀️ that content

If you’ve verified ✅ your ownership of your original video with YouTube, it should be a part of YouTube’s Content ID program.

In this case, if you suspect that your content has been stolen, you can use YouTube’s Copyright Match tool ⚒️ to search for and alert you of any re-uploads of your YouTube videos. 

However, if your video is not a part of the Content ID program, you can try to find stolen copies by taking your original thumbnail 🖼️ and searching for it in @google. 

✔️ Report it

Once you’ve discovered your stolen content, be sure to take a screenshot 📸 of the thumbnail for your records. Then, under “Views” on the video, click “Flag” 🚩. 

In the new window that appears, select 🖱️ “Infringes My Rights” and then “Infringes my Copyright” and submit.

Once you’ve submitted the copyright strike YouTube flag you will be asked a series of questions ❓, such as “What is the reason?” and “Who is affected?”. When you’ve answered these questions you will be directed to submit the URL 🔗 of the video you’re reporting. 

… Now what? 🤔

After YouTube has validated that the video was indeed stolen, the content will be removed ❌ from the site. 

However, if only a portion of your video was used, you may choose to keep the video up ⬆️ and put ads against it instead.

In this situation, you would earn money from the ad revenue, and you’d probably get some free marketing in the process 🤷.

As long as your followers recognize that you are the sole creator of your content, you don’t have to worry – they’ll keep coming back to your channel for more.