How a YouTube Lawyer Could Help You Grow Your Channel

Hiring a YouTube lawyer is a great way to protect 🛡️ yourself and your channel. From copyright strikes to privacy issues, there are endless legal risks associated with being a YouTuber, so it helps to have a professional on your side.

That being said, working with a YouTube lawyer has more benefits than the obvious legal ones. For example, did you know that a social media attorney can actually help you grow your channel?

Working with a legal professional provides you access to expertise and proven strategies that will help increase your subscribers and viewers, and ultimately make you more money 💰!

Interested in how working with a social media lawyer could improve your YouTube strategy? Here are just a few of the most significant ways we can help:

✔️ Brand deal negotiation and contracts

Not only can a lawyer help you secure a brand deal safely, but we can also ensure you’re negotiating a deal that will bring in the greatest source of revenue 💸 for your channel.

More specifically, many social media lawyers have coached YouTubers and influencers through countless brand deals, so we’ve already done business with many of the large brands you’re looking to work with!

As a result, we have the industry knowledge and experience to help you run a sales test 📈, approach brands, choose the type of deal that works best for your channel, and negotiate a contract.

For example, we can help you determine whether you should use influencer marketing sites such as Famebit, Grapevine, Octoly, or Content BLVD to contact brands for you. Depending on your channel and the deal you’re looking for, you may be better off reaching out to a marketing executive yourself!

At the end of the day, brand deals are meant to help grow your channel and increase your revenue, and working with a legal professional can only help make that happen more quickly and easily 👍.

✔️ Access to awesome fair use music 🎵

Your lawyer wants you to stay out of copyright trouble. Therefore, in order to help our clients stay safe on YouTube, we’re always equipped with the best resources for finding music that won’t cost you your channel.

For example, an attorney can advise you on what websites 💻 to use for royalty free music, as well as licensing websites to purchase permission to use hit songs in your YouTube videos.

Additionally, we can assess your free use strategies to determine whether your use of music and other copyrighted material is safe.

Finally, we can help you draft requests 🙏 for licenses. For instance, if you knew many of your subscribers were fans of an indie band from Long Island, we could work together to reach out to them and request permission to use their music on your channel. 

Regardless of how you choose to obtain your music, working with a YouTube lawyer to help find the hits your viewers want to hear is a great way to increase views and perhaps even gain some new subscribers 👥!

✔️ Up-to-date information about changes

Believe it or not, privacy and Internet laws are usually the cause of YouTube’s ever-changing rules and guidelines. Luckily, social media lawyers are often aware of these laws before they’re even passed! 

As a result, we can determine with some accuracy how these laws will affect YouTube’s policies – before these changes even occur. Therefore, you can be one of the first to know of the platform’s changes and adapt quickly.

For example, after the Children’s 👶 Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was passed, YouTube eventually changed their policies to protect themselves and their creators from lawsuits. However, these changes to the platform had a MAJOR effect on YouTubers.

More specifically, these new policies included discontinuing targeted 🎯 advertising, comments, and channel notifications on kids’ content. Therefore, for YouTubers who produced videos for kids, these changes had the potential to be extremely harmful.

In fact, many child-oriented channels on YouTube, such as Socratica Kids, retired from the platform as a result of these modifications.

On another note, many of YouTube’s actions lately have led me and other attorneys to believe that the platform may eventually do away with comment sections altogether! Plus, it’s very likely they will also abolish ❌ the ad revenue model and switch to a selection-only interface.

While these changes would improve privacy protection, they would also mean the end of the road for many YouTubers who depend on AdSense revenue to keep their channel alive and thriving. 

Ultimately, not understanding the implications of YouTube’s changes could mean the end ☠️ of your channel.

Therefore, whether it’s privacy protection laws or strategic changes, staying informed on the evolution of YouTube is imperative for growing any channel. 

Luckily, a social media lawyer can keep on top of this information for you, and work with you 🤝 to ensure you keep your channel alive and growing.