How to Avoid COPPA Law Problems on YouTube

As of January 1, 2020, youtube changed the entire kids’ 👧 content game.

With new policies implemented in response to alleged violations of COPPA, YouTube is now discontinuing targeted 🎯 advertising, comments 💬, and channel notifications 🔔 on kids’ content.

While these policies are meant to protect 🛡️ children under the age of 13, they also have huge potential consequences for YouTubers.

For example, COPPA violations flagged 🚩 by YouTube could now acquire penalties up to $42,530 each as well as potential account termination ☠️.

Violations include incorrectly labeling a video as suitable for kids under 13, and will be flagged by artificial intelligence 🤖.  

In response, some channels such as Socratica Kids have already announced their retirement from the platform; likewise, you may be asking yourself: What do I have to do to avoid COPPA conflicts on my channel?

The good news: You don’t ⛔ have to delete it. 

However, there are some actions you should take to keep your channel safe ⚔️ from COPPA-related legal issues:

Consult with a lawyer

The FTC’s guidelines on child safety on YouTube are very vague; for example, their list of identifiers of kids’ content includes young, animated characters and child-oriented activities – whatever that means 🤷‍♂️. 

By consulting a social media lawyer, you can get advice from an expert to ensure your content falls within these hard-to-grasp guidelines.

Keep records

When determining whether your videos are suitable for children under 13, be sure to keep records 📝 of why you made your decision.

Noting that your video includes nursery rhymes, teaches low-level vocabulary, or utilizes popular children’s characters could prove helpful in court 🏛️, should it ever come to that. 

Play it safe

Some things in life are worth risking, but children’s content on YouTube fair use is not one of them.

If you’re not sure whether your content is appropriate for youngins, don’t 🙅‍♂️ label your content as child friendly – it’s that simple.