How to Create a Living Trust with a Legal Document Service

In the past, making estate plans such as living trusts required hiring a lawyer and spending thousands of dollars 💰 on the preparation of legal documents. 

Even for a small family with a modest estate, the cost of preparing living trusts and other estate plan paperwork often resulted in bumping these items to the bottom of the to-do list 👎.

However, in January, 2000, California passed bill AB1418, which implemented new laws allowing qualified non-attorneys to prepare documents for individuals who wanted to handle routine legal matters on their own. 

Now, this law allows people to prepare living trust documents and other types of routine legal paperwork for substantially lower costs than using a lawyer! 

As a result, estate planning has become much more accessible for middle-income families 👍.

If you want to prepare a living trust or other documents and need to create a simple estate plan to avoid California #probate, contact apeopleschoice.com.

Don’t let the legal system scare you! A People’s Choice prepares living trust documents, certificates of trust, wills, powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives and other routine estate documents as well as separate estate documents 📜 with cost-effective estate “packages”.

As a registered and bonded legal document assistant service, we offer both local and online service through our comprehensive website and serve customers worldwide who are involved with the California court system.