How to Find & Use Good Licensed Music for YouTube In 5 Easy Steps!!

I know we all want to use the most popular music in our YT videos, AND we want to do it without breaking any copyright laws. If you are like me, you have probably scoured the internet and are not happy about the choices you have found. However, I have found the secret. 

But….. before I share my secret, let me tell you that if I didn’t share my secret with you, then you would be forced to go through an arduous process and secure a “Synchronization License” which consists of:

·      Finding the music publisher

·      Submitting a request for the song you want to use

·      Then waiting, waiting, and waiting some more

·      Finally when (and if) they get back to you they will give a quote, which can range from several hundred to even thousands of dollars $$$$$$

·      If you agree and can pay the money, then you enter into a contract and the music is yours to use


INSTEAD of using a Synchronization License, here is my SECRET for getting the best music hits on your YT channel and doing it legally!!

1.         Go to SongFreedom.com

·      This is the BEST website

·      **FYI I am not sponsored nor do I have any relationship with SongFreedom** I just like how easy it is to use and their selection of songs is amazing

fair use music youtube

2.         Register for an account

·      The cost is about $60/month for as many songs as you want

·      The premium tracks are $10 more

3.         Browse the available songs

·      Click on the playlist text on the upper left

·      Click on the premium playlist if needed

4.         Select the song you want

·      Click on the song you want and choose “Use”

·      You may need to choose a different license depending on how you intend to use the song, but SongFreedom will guide you through it all

5.         Download the music AND the license 

·      Download the music In MP3 or Wave format 

·      Very important: Download the license certificate & keep it in a safe place

o  use your license certificate as proof that you have the right to use the fair use music YouTube



Here is the ULTIMATE best part: If you have ANY copyright claims made against the songs you got from SongFreedom, you simply go onto SongFreedom’s website, tell them about the strike or the claim you got, AND THEY WILL TAKE IT FROM THERE!! NO JUMPING THROUGH YOUTUBE’S HOOPS TO GET IT STRAIGHTENED OUT.  


The one caveat is that if you decide not to be a member of SongFreedom any longer, you can no longer use the music you got from them. But, if you are a serious creator you will quickly realize the benefits here easily outweigh the monthly charge 


I really hope this is invaluable information for all you creators out there. Good luck with getting the best music for your videos.