How to Get Thousands of Views on Your Businesses’ Instagram Stories

If you use Instagram as a business tool 🔨 – which every influencer or marketer should – you’re most likely familiar with Instagram Stories.

However, familiarity isn’t enough; when using Instagram for business, it’s imperative ‼️ that you take advantage of everything Stories has to offer.

According to @hootsuite’s 2020 Instagram Statistics, “One-third of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses”. 

Plus, users have been reported to spend at least 50% more time ⏱️ on the app since the introduction of Stories!


Much like Snapchat, Instagram Stories provide a more intimate look into business updates, especially for influencers, whose entire lives are interesting to followers 💁‍♂️.

So, how can you take advantage of Stories and bring in thousands of views 👀 for your business? 

Here are some of the top ⬆️ Instagram Story tips for anyone with a business account:

❇️ Be predictable

Instagram users enjoy looking forward to weekly 📅 updates from their favorite brands and influencers.

Establishing a weekly routine (like tbt, but more creative) keeps followers 👥 engaged and looking forward to checking your Story.

When you’re brainstorming ideas 💡 for your weekly series, consider what your audience wants to achieve with your product or service, as well as their interests.

For example, if you’re a makeup 💄 artist, MascaraMonday could be a fun Story to keep your followers checking in on your account.

❇️ Get interactive

Get your followers involved in your Stories by initiating a contest with fan shoutouts 🗣️ as prizes.

Some Instagrammers choose to display winners’ usernames on post-its 📄 while others post pictures of their fans. 

❇️ Make it personal

While it’s important to keep your business and personal life separate ↔️, using your Story to give followers small sneak peeks can keep them checking in more consistently.

Make your Instagram trademark policy followers feel special with behind-the-scenes specials and “secrets”, and you’ll be shocked how quickly you’ll rack up 📈 views.