How to Issue a DMCA Takedown Notice for Copyrighted Content

As a content creator, you put hours ⌛ of work into every graphic, video, song, and any other type of art you make. 

Therefore, having your content stolen and used on another person’s website or social profile can be heartbreaking. Not to mention it could cost you tons of money!

Luckily, U.S. copyright laws are on your side 👍. 

More specifically, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, was enacted in 1998 to protect artists and content creators from others stealing and profiting off of their work.

Plus, DMCA provides takedown notices that allow creators to remove their content from websites on which it was used without their permission.

But how exactly do you go about filing a takedown notice, and can you do it all on your own? 🤔 

Here are the options for the removal of videos, blogs, and other sources that use your copyrighted material.

How to File a DMCA Takedown Notice – Your Three Options

Locate this form on the DMCA website

On the DMCA website, navigate to “Takedowns” and “Start a Takedown”. Then, provide the URL 🔗 of the website on which your content appears as well as its original source, such as your personal website or blog. 

Additionally, you will need to provide a statement detailing your ownership of the content and how it was stolen. 

Then, after providing your personal information, you can choose one of the DMCA services and payment 💰 plans. Unfortunately, the DMCA full-service program is a bit pricey at $199; however, they’re very likely to have your content removed from the website.

Once you’ve submitted this information, the stolen content will usually be removed from its hosting website within 24-48 hours. 


DMCA also provides support for those looking to file a takedown on their own. However, they – and I – don’t 👎 suggest this method.

Completing a takedown notice without help from a legal professional is not an easy task. In fact, it requires extensive research to find the website owner and the ISP’s contact information.

Additionally, if the person who has used your content responds with a counter notice, your only remaining option is to bring the matter to court – and representing yourself in a court case is no 🙅‍♂️ easy feat.

Hire a social media lawyer

If you want to file a DMCA takedown notice with the help of a legal professional who is cognizant of your personal concerns and has your best interest in mind, you may benefit from working with a social media attorney.

Social media attorneys are specialized lawyers 💼 who work for content creators and influencers like you! We aim to not only protect you from accidental copyright infringement, but also to protect your copyrights when others infringe upon them.

Furthermore, if your copyright issues were to make its way to a courthouse, by working with a lawyer for your takedown, you would already have the necessary representation! 

Ultimately, if you are a social media influencer looking for protection ⚖️ of any kind, contact a social media lawyer today to learn how one can help you.