10 Steps to Getting Brand Deals on Instagram


We’ve all seen videos promising to teach 🏫 you how to make money 💰 on Instagram. 

However, just like everything else, there’s a right and a wrong way to try to get rich 💸 on social media attorney 💻. 

Some of the tips and tricks provided by even the most popular influencers are, believe it or not, illegal 😱. 

And while these hacks may sometimes be effective, they often get creators into enough trouble to cost them everything they’ve earned 📉!

That being said, if you’re interested in negotiating brand deals, making money, and getting free swag all in compliance with the law ⚖️ and Instagram’s rules, you must follow a very specific set of steps. 

Here are the ten steps 📶 you should follow to effectively and legally make money on Instagram

1. Focus on your #passion 💗

Your Instagram page should feature your passions. 

Think about it: If you’re not interested in what you’re posting, how can you expect your followers to take interest? 

Whether it’s golf 🏌️, dogs 🐕, or travel 🗺️, find what you love and stick with it.

2. Take notes ✍️

Once you’ve decided which of your interests your page will reflect, be sure to follow other famous Instagrammers who post about the same topic.

Notice and take notes on which hashtags #️⃣ these individuals use to get more likes. This information will definitely come in handy in the future.

3. Start your #business 💼 Instagram account

In order to create a business Instagram account, you’ll first need a Facebook business account. 

When you make this account, be sure your profile picture 🖼️ stands out, use a white background, and remember to include your 📱 phone number, even if it’s through Google Voice 🎤.

Finally, invite all of your Facebook friends 👯 to follow your Instagram account to get a strong following right off the bat.

4. Post 🤳 and post some more…

…but don’t post just anything

Be sure to provide quality content for your followers 👥 within the passion area that you’ve chosen. The specifics of that content – whether it’s photos, pictures with text, whatever – is unimportant. Just be sure it’s content people want to see. 

Additionally, include hashtags relevant to your channel’s niche and start to engage with your followers. 

Visiting your followers’ pages, liking 👍 their posts, and leaving comments 💬 will help you build relationships with people who are passionate about the same things as you.

Plus, you should periodically tag in your posts the brands that you may want to work with someday. You can do this when you first upload an image or video or in the comment section afterwards.

5. Build your tribe 👬

In order to obtain brand deals, you’ll need at least 1% engagement on your page. 

In other words, if you have 1,000 followers, you’ll need to get ten comments, likes, or follows for every post.

To build such a strong 💪 following, your audience will have to buy into you, which can take a lot of work.

Put in the effort to build out your tribe until you have somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 followers. Then, once you’re consistently getting at least 1% engagement, you’re ready to move onto the next step:

6. Sales 📈 test 

For this step, go to #Amazon and find a product within your niche that you think you can sell. Then, sign up for the Affiliate Link 🔗 Program and produce an ad.

Your ad could be a video or still image – whatever will sell that product.

You should include the Amazon affiliate link in your bio, and your ad should direct followers to click the link and purchase 💲 that product.

Wait about 5-7 days, then check on the progress of your campaign. Your goal should be to sell about 25-50 products, but if you’re not quite there, don’t be discouraged! Try another strategy, put together a different ad, and figure out what your followers respond 🖱️ to.

Additionally, be sure to record 📝 everything that happens during your sales test. For example, take screenshots for proof of product sales and write down your results. 

This information 📊 will help justify to future brands that they should partner with you if they want to sell products!

7. Approach 🚶 the brands

Once you’ve run a successful sales test or two, it’s time to reach out to the brands you’d like to do business with.

Your approach should include an ad proposal 📃, but don’t worry – they’re a lot less daunting than they sound.

Creating an ad proposal will simply involve sending a DM 📥 or email 📧 that outlines your interest in working with a particular brand. 

This DM or email should:

✔️ Emphasize your love for the brand’s product

✔️ Prove the value you’d bring to the table

✔️ Outline your sales plan

✔️ Include proven results from your sales test

Even if you have a rock-solid ad proposal, don’t expect to receive an automatic response. In fact, approaching brands will involve systematically and repeatedly sending messages 📨 until you’re able to grab the attention of the person or brand you’re reaching out to.

8. Characterize the deal 📋

Once you’ve secured a brand deal, you must take a moment to properly characterize the deal so you understand what legal disclosures to make.

What do I mean by this?

Most Instagram deals are either “affiliate” or “free product”.

An affiliate brand deal is one in which you make a commission 💵 on every product you sell.

This commission usually falls somewhere between 4-10%. 

In an affiliate brand deal, the manufacturer 🏭 will provide you with a link that potential buyers can click to access the product and help you get your commission. 

A free product deal, on the other hand, is one in which you keep the product as compensation for sales.

9. Comply with the Truth in #Advertising Law 📜

In order to comply with the Truth in Advertising Law, you must place a disclaimer either at the beginning or end of your ad that states you are earning a small commission in order to review or feature the product.

If you’re doing a free product deal, your writeup ✏️ would explain that you were provided with a free product and why you love it.

Failure to comply with the Truth in Advertising Law can result in fines of between $100 and $50,000 🤑, so you need to be familiar with it. 

10. Say “thank you” 🤝

Once the deal is done and you’ve received the sale results, always remember to thank the brand for doing business with you.  

Also, be sure to take copious notes on the transaction and take screenshots to document the results of your campaign so you can get your next brand deal on Instagram 🙌. Do everything you can to ensure your business will continue to grow! 

Good luck 🍀 out there, creators!