3 Ways to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Ad Revenue

A quick google search of strategies for monetization 💰 on YouTube is sure to bring you a plethora of results about ad revenue. 

While ad revenue is a great way to make money 💲 on YouTube, it’s most definitely not the only way. 

If you’re looking for a way to earn an income from your YouTube videos in addition to ad revenue, check out these three popular money-making avenues:

❇️ Sell your own merch and content

As a YouTuber, you’re an influencer and a businessperson, so making sales can bring in a huge profit 🤑.

When it comes to merchandise, before you can sell you have to create. Choose a product that represents your brand and channel, as well as your audience’s 👥 interests – maybe something you would buy!

Look to @jamescharles if you need inspiration; as a makeup 💄 artist, James’ makeup line has made a huge splash 🌊 in the market. 

That being said, if merchandise isn’t really your thing, consider selling what you make best – your YouTube videos 📺!

On websites like Junkin Media, you can #license your videos for use online 🌐 and get paid for them! 

❇️ Get income from your fans

If you have a dedicated fanbase, they’re going to do everything in their power 💪 to keep you around and creating content.

YouTube features such as Super Chat and Super Stickers allow users to pay for more recognition on live chats 💬, while joining your channel grants them access to additional perks.

Finally, if you’re open to crowdfunding, sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter allow you to directly ask 🙏 your followers for help funding your channel. 

❇️ Create sponsored content

Unlike ad revenue, when you create sponsored content for your channel, you don’t ❌ have to split any of the profits with YouTube lawyers.

Partnering 🤝 with brands for sponsored content is easy as long as you’re educated on your audience’s interests as well as negotiation tactics. 

However, don’t forget to be transparent with your viewers about your sponsorship, and be sure to follow the FTC’s guidelines.