How to Market Your Law Firm on Social Media


As a social media 💻 lawyer, I’ve learned a lot of digital marketing skills to attract my clients.

If your target 🎯 audience uses social media, you should consider some of these tips to grab their attention:

✔️ Establish yourself off of social media

While it may sound counterintuitive, for any social media marketing plan to succeed, you must first establish your firm elsewhere online 🌐. 

Ensure your firm has an attractively designed, simple website complete with contact information 📇, niche focuses, and maybe even pricing 💲.

Additionally, check out any reviews 💬 you may have on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and reach out to satisfied clients to request more.

The main goal of social media law firm marketing is to attract new clients and build 📈 your firm’s business, so whether it’s a killer website, 5-star ⭐ reviews, or something else, make sure social media users are convinced to reach out once they’ve discovered you.

✔️ Find which platforms your audience uses

Check out your target audience’s behavior to determine which social media platforms would be most effective for finding clientele. 

Additionally, don’t forget to check out niche online communities – here’s a list for your reference! You can find specific networks for everyone from dog lovers 🐶 to single-parent families 👨‍👦. 

Remember to focus on just one or two platforms when you’re starting out so you can master the most important ones first.

✔️ Determine a strategy

Your marketing strategy should depend on which social media networks you’re using, so it’ll take some research to determine what time of day 🕰️ and how often to post. 

However, even before specifics are decided, you can start thinking strategically about what kind of messages you’d like to send to your audience, and how you’d like them to perceive your #brand.

Whether you want clients to fall for your sense of humor or Harvard degree 📜, keep in mind what sets your firm apart and capitalize on it.