How to Reclaim Stolen Instagram Photos


If one of your Instagram posts has ever been stolen and re-posted ♻️ by another brand or individual, you know what it feels like to be a victim of copyright infringement.

While some people don’t get worked up about illegal use of their copyrighted materials, others may be tempted to do something about it – and rightly so! 

That photograph 📸 you took or piece of art 🖼️ you created is the foundation of your following and fan base 👥, and the bottom line is it’s your property!

But what exactly can you do about it? 🤔

How to reclaim content without filing a complaint

If you prefer to avoid 🙅‍♂️ confrontation or any sort of legal action, you can try to reclaim your property by DMing the copyright violator and requesting they remove their post.

Of course, this strategy isn’t the most likely way to get your property back, but it could potentially be the easiest – and you never know! They might just surprise you.

How to reclaim content by filing a claim on Instagram

If a polite request fails, or you just prefer to do things officially, you can file a copyright infringement claim on Instagram.

This claim, if successful, will flag 🚩 the stolen material as copyrighted and eventually lead to a takedown of the post.

Here are the steps you should take to file one of these claims:

✅ Click 🖱️ the triple dots ⚪ next to the image

✅ Select Report ➡️ It’s inappropriate ➡️ Intellectual property violation ➡️ Learn more

✅ Read your rights 📜

✅ Click Learn more about copyright violations

✅ On the form 📋 that appears, select Copyright and I found a content which I believe infringes my copyright

✅ Provide Instagram with the requested information as well as a link 🔗 to your original post that was stolen

Once you’ve submitted your claim, if it’s deemed legitimate by Instagram, they will remove 🚧 the violator’s post!

That being said, you most likely won’t ❌ see the perpetrator’s account removed from Instagram, unless perhaps this is one of several offenses.