How to Report Copyright Infringement on Facebook

Did you know that if your copyrighted content is stolen and used by another person on @facebook, you can #report 🚩 the #violation with a DMCA form right on the site?

A DMCA Takedown Notice is a copyright holder’s request that a stolen piece of material be removed from its hosting website.

While you can always file a DMCA report via phone 📞, email 📧 or mail ✉️, the fastest and easiest option is to use the form that’s available right on Facebook.

You can access this form with the link 🔗 above or by clicking “Find Support or Report Post” on the upper right-hand corner of the post. 

From “Find Support or Report Post”, you will have to click through two links to get to the form itself:

copyright infringement laws

 🖱️  “Learn More About #Intellectual #Property”

🖱️  “Reporting Copyright Violations” 

Once you’ve accessed the DMCA form, Facebook will ensure you’re in the right place and filing the correct type of form by asking you a series of questions ❓ about your problem.

After the site has ensured that you are actually trying to submit a copyright infringement report, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

✔️ Your contact information

✔️ The content you want to report

✔️ Your original copyrighted works,

✔️ A declaration statement 💬

Some individuals who have submitted DMCA Takedown forms to Facebook have reported needing to follow up and provide additional information, so be sure to stay on top of how long it’s been since you’ve sent it. 

If it seems like a long time ⌛ has passed, don’t be afraid to re-submit the form via email. 

Once your DMCA Takedown request has been approved, the copyright infringement violation will be removed ❌ from the site and you’ll be good to go – it’s as easy as that!