How to Report Infringement to Instagram: Copyright and Music

If you’re a musical 🎶 artist, it’s important to protect your content from copyright infringement. More specifically, you should be sure to research social media law, as well as Instagram, copyright, and music rules and guidelines.

Unfortunately, music copyright issues on Instagram cause trouble for a large portion of the platform’s user base. Oftentimes, Instagrammers use music in their posts to increase viewership; however, the trouble starts when they ignore the doctrine of fair use.


If an Instagram influencer were to use a couple seconds ⏱️ of your music, or create a post reviewing your song, you should avoid flagging them for copyright infringement. 

Likewise, remixes and covers are usually allowed under the doctrine of fair use.

Think of it this way: If the use of your music is NOT ❌ costing you revenue, it’s often worth leaving alone. Anyway, it could potentially bring in new fans!

Of course, as an artist, it can be upsetting to discover that your content has been stolen, especially if the infringer is monetizing off the post or causing you to lose money 💸. 

For example, if an influencer were to play thirty seconds of your music in their video without tagging you for credit, that would be a reason to request a post removal.

Therefore, it’s important to understand the process of reporting 🙋 copyright infringement of music on Instagram.


While Instagram’s algorithm has been known to flag copyright infringement, most of the platform’s copyright strikes result from user reports. In other words, if you find your content used without your permission, you will have to flag 🚩 the issue yourself.

If you prefer to avoid confrontation or any sort of legal action, you can try to reclaim your property by DMing the copyright violator and requesting they remove their post. 

While not the most reliable strategy, simply asking 🙏 the user to remove your music from their post is potentially the easiest way to reclaim your content.

That being said, if a polite request fails, you can file an infringement claim on Instagram for copyright of music by following these steps:

✅ Click the triple dots next to the post

✅ Select Report Inappropriate ➡️ It’s Inappropriate ➡️ Intellectual property violation ➡️ Report in Help Center ➡️ Learn more about reporting copyright violations

✅ Read your rights

✅ Click the “this form” link

✅ On the form that appears, select Copyright and “I found content which I believe infringes my copyright”, then “Continue with my copyright report”

✅ Provide Instagram with the requested information as well as a link 🔗 to your original music (to prove your ownership)

Once you’ve submitted your claim, Instagram will assess your complaint and copyrights. Then, if they deem infringement has occurred, they will remove the violator’s post!


Much like YouTube, one copyright flag will almost never result in account termination. However, repeat infringers are likely to either 1) lose certain functionality of the app or 2) lose their account forever ☠️.

Of course, sometimes people make mistakes, so one instance of Instagram copyright music problems shouldn’t be enough to take legal action. 

However, if you’re having consistent trouble with one person in particular, or need extra support for another reason, there is a way to contact ✉️ a representative.

If you need extra Instagram copyright and music support, you can contact an Instagram employee by writing ✍️ to the following address:

Instagram, LLC

Attn: Instagram Designated Agent

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, California 94025

Of course, any help you receive from a letter mailed to Instagram will come a lot slower than hiring a social media lawyer. Furthermore, they may not be able to do much to help you when it comes to filing a legal ⚖️ complaint.

Therefore, if you have any questions about Instagram, copyright, or music, or simply need extra support, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an attorney. 

Social media lawyers are trained in protecting your content from copyright infringement, and we’re happy to assess how we can help you do just that 💁‍♂️.