How To Repost Instagram Photos and Not Go to JAIL!

As an influencer and content creator, you must be educated on both the legal and illegal types of “reposting” on social media.

Why? 🤔

Believe it or not, sharing ♻️ or reposting other users’ content could result in copyright infringement charges as well as owing payment for damages up to $150,000 per post 🤑.

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This may not seem like a huge problem for influencers, since they’re known for creating their own content.

However, sometimes using other people’s work to supplement influencers’ can improve 👍 the quality of their posts and help get their points across.

That being said, how can influencers repost photos music on Instagram without facing legal charges? 🤷‍♀️

If you’re an influencer facing these questions, use this short “dos” and “don’ts” list whenever you’re considering reposting images to Instagram: 

✔️ DO: Get permission 

If you find an image you just need on your page, DM a content creator and request 🙏 to use one of their posts.

If they grant you permission, you’re good to go 👌 – it’s as simple as that! Just be sure not to alter the image in any way.

✖️ DON’T: Assume permission

Unless you’re getting content from a royalty free site 🌐 like Unsplash or Pexels, you cannot assume that any images online are licensed to you -this includes anything you find on the Instagram discover 🌎 page or even Google images! 

The creators of the content you find online still own the rights to their material; as a result, it is not ⛔ up for grabs.

✔️ DO: Give #credit after you’ve received permission

Once you’ve received permission to use a piece of content, you need to give the creator credit.  

On Instagram, you give other users credit by tagging them in the image 🖼️ as well as the #description 📝 section below.

✖️ DON’T: Give credit without permission

Believe it or not, tagging a creator in your repost without permission does not 🙅‍♂️ qualify as proper credit. 

Remember: The only time you can post a non-royalty-free image to your Instagram is with permission from the creator.