How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice in 4 Basic Steps

Someone may have told you “sharing is caring” when you were a kid, but that doesn’t apply to your copyrighted work! Let’s say you’ve created copyrighted materials, such as a song, blog post, or article. A copyright infringement happens when someone uses your creative work without your authorization.  But don’t worry; to stop and remove the infringing piece of work, you can send DMCA takedown notice requests 😇.

A DMCA takedown notice is the first step for dealing with copycats ⚠. It’s a way of enforcing aspects of copyright laws concerning copyright ownership so you get credit where credit is due. But should you spend your time⏲, resources, and energy in the basic steps used to send DMCA takedown notice requests? Here are the basics of the process and whether or not it’s necessary in every case. 

The 4 Steps to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice

Sending a DMCA takedown notice for online copyright infringement is pretty simple for a copyright holder. You only need to adhere to the following four basic steps. 

Step 1: Screenshot the Infringing Site

Pretend you’ve used search engines to locate your copyrighted work on an online service provider’s platform. As proof of evidence for your copyright complaint, you first need to take a screenshot of the site infringing your copyright protection. This makes it easier for the web host to remove the infringing content when you send a DMCA takedown notice⚠.

Step 2: Find the Website’s Host

With some copyright issues, website hosts can avoid legal action for a claim of copyright infringement if they use lawful procedures to remove the offending content. These hosts can also avoid a legal battle for copyright infringement liability if their website users👨 (not the hosts) posted the infringing material. This factor, therefore, demands that you directly send a DMCA takedown request to the content hosts. 

You can locate company hosts/an online service provider using many techniques. Some of the options could entail using a Host Checker or Who Is Hosting This to find the hosting providers. However, keep in mind that a DMCA takedown process for website hosts only applies to those web hosts within the US. You cannot send a DMCA takedown notice for sites hosted outside the US.

Step 3: Establish the Copyright Agent to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice

After locating the website’s hosts, you need to determine the copyright agent. A copyright agent refers to the actual individual whom you will send DMCA takedown requests ⚠. You can determine a site’s copyright agent through a Google search.

When you find the web host’s site after the Google search, you need to locate the authorized agent. You can do this by a) clicking on “terms of use” within the site’s footer, and b) selecting “Copyright” or “agent for notice.” If this doesn’t work, you can try out this old directory

Step 4: Make a Draft of Your Takedown Notice

You can draft✍ your takedown request through a contact form provided in the website’s host. In case the website lacks an online form, you have to directly address the letter to the website’s copyright agent. We’ll go into more detail about what you as the copyright holder have to include in a moment. 

Info You Need Before You Send a DMCA Takedown Notice

There are some essential items that make up every legally viable DMCA takedown notice. Your takedown notice template must comprise the following items:

  • A description of the original content with copyright infringement issues
  • A physical or electronic signature authorized by the copyright owner
  • An outline of the intellectual property (IP) and the claim for copyright infringement. This entails providing information about the location of the infringing material, including the details of the web host
  • Contact details for the person sending the takedown notice. This may include information such as the name of the IP owner, the person contacting the web host on behalf of the owner, the owner’s mailing address, telephone number📞, and email address
  • A statement indicating that the copyright infringer lacked authorization from the copyright owner. This also shows that the copyright holder lacked actual knowledge of the infringing usage until after the usage occurred (basically, the infringer used your stuff without your knowledge or consent)
  • Under penalty and perjury, a statement by the owner or their representative. This indicates the accuracy👍 of the information provided in the notice. The person representing the copyright owner must also state whether they were authorized to do so.

Ensure that your DMCA takedown notice comprises each of the items stated above so that the web host responsible can remove the infringing material. Copyright infringement complaints must state why this should take place as soon as possible. 

Can You Send a DMCA Takedown Notice Through a Representative?

What if you don’t have the time or gumption to send DMCA takedown notice requests yourself? A copyright infringement action outlines that you can send a DMCA copyright notice as a copyright owner or through a designated agent. If you make someone your authorized agent, you need to present them with authorized agent forms✍ which have the penalty and perjury sections stating that:

  • You have granted them the authority to submit the DMCA takedown form on your behalf🙏
  • You’ve exclusive copyrights to the infringing material or work
  • You have a good faith belief that the infringing party never received any form of authorization from you
  • Every information provided to the authorization agent has the highest level of accuracy

Send a DMCA Takedown Notice Today with the Help of an Experienced Internet Attorney

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