How to Use Music on Instagram Without Copyright Law PROBLEMS!!!

Have you been told that you can use music on your Instagram videos if you it is only 15 seconds? Or that you can use any music if you give credit to whomever owns the copyright? These are myths and can lead to civil and criminal charges with HUGE fines. 

What is copyright law: It is an international law that protects any kind of creative content or expression. It attaches to the work the minute it is produced in tangible form. 


However, there are 2 exceptions to copyright law: 

            1. Get permission, or

            2. Claim Fair Use 

Today I’m going to focus on the PERMISSION aspect and I will discuss FAIR USE in future videos.

Here are my 2 tips to utilize the PERMISSION exception so you can add music to your videos on Instagram without having copyright problems.

1.          Use music that someone has already paid for. I already know what you are thinking: “I don’t want to use the cheesy music that comes with the video editing programs that everyone else is using.” Am I right? I thought the same thing, BUT I did a bit of research and found some great apps that come with some awesome music – that is FREE!!! The apps with free music that I have been impressed are these:

·      Clips from Apple

·      Quik (from Go-Pro)

·      Clipper (really easy to use)

·      Vizmoto

·      Magisto

·      Look at video samples of each of these on my YouTube channel

2.         Develop a collection of usable music on the cloud and import that music into your mobile editing app. This is my favorite tip and I use it the most. There are thousands of thousands of royalty-free songs that people haven’t heard before, and the music is good quality and will really pump up the quality of your videos. Here is what I do:

·      Keep a folder music on my iCloud Drive (also works for Google Drive)

·      On a regular basis I visit royalty-free music sites like 

o  YouTube Audio Library

o  CC Mixer

o  Free Music Archive

o   I also pay for Epdemicdotcom

·      When I find the right music I want to have in my Instagram video, I then download the music and put it in my music folder in my cloud drive

·      When I have the footage I want to post to Instagram, I then go back to my cloud drive and then I’m able to access the music.

For detailed instructions on how to combine the video footage with the music, my video (with this same title) explains it all. You’ve successfully combined the video you want with the music you want and you haven’t violated Instagram copyright music law!!! It’s pretty easy. 

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