How to Use the Audio Library to Avoid Copyright Strikes on YouTube

Using audio 🔈 that is not licensed to you in your videos is an easy way to acquire copyright strikes on YouTube. Obviously, you want to avoid copyright issues at all costs, but where are you supposed to find music you can legally use?

Luckily, there’s a simple answer: royalty free audio.

Royalty free sound effects and music have already been licensed for your use. However, while royalty free content is easy to find, many websites require a subscription or payment 💰 to acquire the license.

That being said, if you’re trying to keep costs low but still keep your channel in business, the answer you’ve been looking for is YouTube’s Audio Library! This service hosts FREE access to thousands of royalty free songs and sound effects for YouTube creators! 

If you have a YouTube account, you can access this library through the YouTube Creator Studio. After signing in, scroll down to “Other Features” on the left and select “Audio Library”. 

Once inside, you can preview and download 📥 all the royalty free content in the library! Plus, you can sort the content by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and attribution requirements.

Don’t be afraid to browse through the sound effects and music until you find what works best for you – any piece of content you find can be legally used in any of your YouTube videos! 

While much of the content in the library requires minimal attribution, other songs or sound effects require specific attribution guidelines, which can be found on the Creative Commons website. YouTube identifies these songs with a special attribution symbol 🚹.

More specifically, Creative Commons advises including the following information in your attribution:

✔️ Title (the name of the song or effect)

✔️ Creator (the original creator of the audio)

✔️ Source (may or may not be necessary, but can link to the original source of the audio)

✔️ License (if you require attribution, the content description you see upon downloading will provide the license details – provide a link to it, if possible)

Note that you may use anything from the Audio Library in a video you monetize from, since the songs are not recognized by Content ID. That being said, using the library does not ❌ necessarily exempt you from copyright strikes on YouTube.

Unfortunately, YouTube’s algorithm sometimes flags royalty free music in videos because it has no way of knowing you have a license to use it. Thankfully, there’s a pretty easy fix. 

If you get copyright strikes on YouTube for music that you’ve downloaded from the Audio Library, you can fight the penalty by providing proper documentation 📝 proving you have license to use the music. While this process is obviously not ideal, it will take away the false copyright flag.

Finally, before you use music or sound effects from YouTube’s Audio Library, be sure to check out these additional terms of use:

✔️ You MUST include the full credits in your video description

You can NOT claim the music as your own

You can NOT sell the music anywhere

You can NOT remix the music without the author’s consent

You can NOT use the music without giving any credits in the video description

You can NOT remove or add parts from/to the credits

You can NOT use third-party software to download the video/track, always use our download links