Instagram Giveaway Rules: Terms and Conditions for Running Promotions on Insta

Instagram isn’t all about selfies and pictures of cappuccino art—it’s an important promotional tool for influencers, internet businesses, and eCommerce platforms. One way that many of these folks leverage Insta is via giveaways; followers love prizes, and contests that require posting, commenting, and sharing are a great way to gain more engagement. But remember that Instagram giveaway official rules govern the way you can hold your contest. You have to stick to these Instagram giveaway official rules lest you fall on the wrong side of the social media platform’s restrictions (or even the law! 🤓). 

Similar to other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a business with certain terms and conditions. These rules aren’t hard to follow but are always easier to forget sometimes 😣. And Instagram giveaway rules come in various forms—there exist rules from the ‘Gram, the Federal government, and at the state level (i.e. California). This article outlines a wide range of Instagram giveaway rules that we need to abide by when using the platform.

Instagram Giveaway Rules from the ‘Gram

According to Instagram, all giveaways are allowed as long as you follow the terms and conditions. Instagram’s guidelines regarding promotions are brief and to the point, providing general rules on how promotions should be run (this implies either sweepstakes, contests, or giveaways). The promotion’s guidelines from the ‘Gram include:

  • Providing terms and conditions for eligibility like residence and age limits
  • Outlining the official rules for your Instagram giveaway
  • Complying with your local regulations, i.e. registration rules in California
  • Communicating to participants that taking part in the promotions means they release their information to Instagram
  • Stating to the participants that the giveaway doesn’t relate in any way to sponsorship or endorsement by Instagram

In addition to these guidelines, Instagram prohibits users from inaccurately tagging content (for example, you can’t ask followers to tag themselves in photos they aren’t actually in 😀). Apart from that, Instagram informs its users that the entire responsibility for managing the giveaways is theirs and they should not seek assistance from Insta in any way.

What Guidelines Should You Follow When Creating Instagram Giveaway Rules?

The rules provided by Instagram are quite generic, but there are other official guidelines that need to be followed too. Such official rules are either outlined by the federal government through FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or by local governments such as the state of California 😌. These guidelines essentially include the following points. 

1. Provide The Details of the Company Hosting the Giveaway

It’s best practice to give out information regarding your business name, though Instagram doesn’t give a clear direction about this. Providing a business name is key especially if you are an influencer or a digital marketing team that is collaborating with another company 🤞. After all, your sponsor is going to want credit!

When sharing sponsored giveaways, you can mention the other party using the “@” sign followed by their Instagram handle. You can also tag a different company if they donated a product or service that is part of the hosted giveaway. Plus, this way, your giveaway will receive more attention from buyers and other popular companies 👌.

2. State That the Giveaway Isn’t Connected to Instagram ✍

You must always state and restate that Instagram isn’t associated with your giveaways in any way. You’re using the platform, but unless Instagram is actually in on your giveaway, make sure it’s clear that they’re not. 

The best way to achieve this is by including a line below your giveaway caption that clearly outlines this. You can include, “This giveaway is neither sponsored, endorsed, associated or connected in any way to Instagram” or a similar statement. That will help clear any doubts regarding your promotion!

3. Specify The Dates for The Instagram Contest Including the Exact Time!

Since most of the participants may come from different time zones, the time factor needs to get considered. Even though most of your followers could be from within a specific region, it is important to think of those two or three individuals from different countries or states. 💪

Therefore, it’s important to include the start and end dates for your giveaway. This also helps to create a cut-off regarding the deadlines for enrolling in the giveaway.

4. Give Clear Instructions about Entry into the Giveaway

It’s good that you’ve created awareness regarding your giveaway, but how can entrants take part in the contest? You need to give clear instructions regarding this. Will they have to like your post, comment, or tag a friend? Clear, concise instructions mean the number of entrants goes up, so this is a good idea regardless of regulations 🖐.

Instructions also help you narrow your contest down to a certain audience. You can include lines such as:

  • Tag your friend to get bonus entries
  •  Post an image with our hashtag
  • Like this post
  •  Leave a comment 🗣
  • Follow us for a chance to win

Apart from the above main guidelines regarding Instagram giveaway rules, you can also incorporate these three terms and conditions:

  • Outline the participation restrictions for the giveaway
  • Describe how and when you’ll select the winner
  • Tell participants how you’ll distribute the giveaway prize 😇

Conclusion on Giveaway Official Rules of Instagram

If you’re planning a giveaway on Instagram, create your Instagram giveaway rules today and have the participants get into action! Create an informative post before asking people to start tagging each other, and don’t forget to include a photo and your hashtag 😄. As long as you’ve followed the rules, you can use your giveaway to gain massive engagement and followers so you’ll have even more participation in your next giveaway!

Contact us today in case you need any assistance with your Instagram contests and giveaways. We will help you sample out the best winners for your giveaway! Take action and don’t be left out. 🙌