Keep Your Social Account Safe: The Three Copyright Secrets All Influencers Should Know

As an influencer 💻, social media is your lifeline, so you have to protect 🛡️ your accounts from legal issues.

To do so, there are three secrets ☝️ every social media influencer must know.

Before I disclose them, let’s discuss the basics of #copyright #law and #noncompliance.

Copyright law 🌐

Copyright is a simple concept to understand, but can get a bit confusing when it comes to social media.

Sharing culture can make the Internet feel like a giant pool of recycled ♻️ content, so how can you know what is and isn’t compliant?

To keep your accounts safe, read the #terms of service 📜 of each platform you’re using, and read up on general copyright laws here.

Penalties 💲

Perhaps the most notorious noncompliance penalty is YouTube’s 📺 three strike rule.

social+media+lawyer (1).jpg

However, even #channel termination doesn’t seem too harsh compared to other potential implications of copyright infringement – like six-figure damage payments 🤑.

So how can you avoid them?

The secrets 🤐 you need to know

❗ Use a #fair use checklist

Every post you make on social media must follow the guidelines of the doctrine of fair use.

To simplify things, use the following checklist ☑️ of the fair use components:

✔️ Not for #commercial use

✔️ #Transformative

✔️ #Factual material

✔️ Little used

✔️ Small potential harm

❗ Find #royalty free content

Whether you’re trying to use a hit song 🎵 or professional photography, do everything in your power to obtain royalty free content, because it’s already been licensed to you!

Here are some great website to use:

❇️ Pexels

❇️ Epidemic

❇️ Unsplash

❇️ Creative Commons

❗Ask permission

Livestream gamers 🎮 can visit developers’ website and look for a licensing page for instructions on requesting permissions.

Similarly, those looking for music can reach out to a local band 🎸 and request permission to use their songs! 

Be sure to stick to fair use, royalty free content, and permission to keep your social media safe and your money where you like it – in your bank 🏦 account.