3 Types of WINNING LinkedIn Campaigns

If your target audience includes young professionals, entrepreneurs, or business 💼 leaders, Linkedin could play an integral role in your digital marketing strategy.

Advertising campaigns on LinkedIn are relatively new endeavors, so they aren’t always as straightforward as those on sites 💻 like @facebook and #Instagram.

To help get you started, if  you’re looking to market your business, product, or service on LinkedIn, here are three examples of money-making 🤑 campaigns to consider employing:

1. Video 📺 ads

Video ads that highlight a user experience or tell a story have proven extremely successful on LinkedIn; in fact, users are more likely to tune into 👀 video advertisements than other users’ videos!

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness with your ads, stick to storytelling videos and adopt an influencer-esque approach to the way you speak 🗣️ to your audience.

On the other hand, if your focus is conversion in the form of page or website clicks 🖱️, consider posting a tutorial of your product or showcasing consumer reviews in your videos.

2. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is a great way to use LinkedIn to get web or social media attorney views.

For a sponsored content campaign, use your brand voice in the form of blog-like 📝 advertisements that appear on your target 🎯 audience’s homepage.

Feature a call 📣 to action and convince your audience that your website will provide insight into a specific problem by utilizing text and infographics 📊 with proven results. 

3. InMail 📬 ads

InMail is a unique campaign technique because it allows you to direct message ✉️ potential customers without even connecting with them!

This instant connection with InMail advertising should encourage LinkedIn users to contact ☎️ you to learn more about your product or service.

InMail ads are most recommended for businesses that sell services, such as digital marketing agencies or law firms; however, remember not to abuse your InMail privileges and bother 😠 users!