My TOP Social Media DOs and DON’Ts

Hey there 👋, influencers.

When you make social media into your lifeline and main source of income 💰, there are some rules you have to follow to keep your accounts safe.

Sometimes these rules can behave like balancing ⚖️ acts to let your #audience know you’re engaged and active without annoying or #spamming them or other influencers.

Here are some social media dos and don’ts that I share with all of my clients to help keep their accounts popular 📈 and alive:

#️⃣Hashtags and tagging

DO: Use them! 

Adding hashtags to your posts will help with discoverability 🔎, and tagging relevant people and accounts is a fun way to #promote other influencers and give shout outs 📣.

DON’T: Abuse them.

Filling your description sections with hundreds of trending hashtags will only annoy fans and could even label your account as #spam.

Plus, tagging strangers 👥 in your posts could get you reported; not to mention it can be incredibly annoying.

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Using the right network

DO: Research what your target 🎯 audience uses.

If you’re trying to appeal to teens, for example, #LinkedIn probably isn’t your best bet. 

DON’T: Limit yourself.

That being said, both Youtube 📺 and #Instagram could be great networks to attract the audience you’re looking for.

There’s no need to stick to only one social media lawyer platform, but be informed about which you choose.

Maintaining privacy 🔒

DO: Keep your personal accounts separate from your influencer business accounts.

DON’T: Be a mystery.

While it’s important to maintain a private personal life outside of your social media business, don’t forget to let your fans feel like an important part of your life.

Share some “secrets”, likes 👍, and dislikes 👎, and personalize yourself outside of anything you may be selling online 🌐. 

Your followers want to believe that any advice you’re giving them is coming from a real human being, so make sure they know you are one!

Be transparent and respond to genuine criticism (not hate) with insight; your fans will thank you 🙏 for it.