5 Networking Tips for Success on YouTube

As a leader of professional networking 🤝 groups across Southern California, I’m often approached for #advice on acquiring more likes 👍, views 👀, and subscribers 👥 on content creators’ YouTube 📺 channels. 

From my conversations with these YouTubers, I’ve noticed a common misconception that algorithms, from tighter scripts and hooks to SEO, are the only way to succeed on the platform.


However, in reality, algorithms aren’t going to get you more subscribers – people 👭 are!

🔑 In order to succeed as a content creator, you need to meet people and build #relationships with other creators. 

Networking not your strongest skill? Here are five incredible networking tips I’ve learned over the years that I share with all the content creators I meet: 

1. Find networking events

When I was a young attorney, I focused on business and insurance litigation, and I brainstormed where my target clients would like to hang out.

In order to figure this out, I called ☎️ existing clients and tried to get access to events where others like them would be mingling. 

Then, I would go to these events and attempt to make connections – and even friendships 👯‍♂️ – with the people there.

Back then, I didn’t have Internet 🌐 access, but now things are even easier! Today, you can use Google to discover social media events taking place near you and all over the world 🗺️! 

2. Be prepared

Once you’ve found a social media networking event you’d like to attend, you have to prepare ahead of time – and no, I don’t mean reading the books 📚 written by the keynote speakers or creeping 💻 on social media profiles! 

In order to properly prepare for these events, you need to get business cards 📇 with your #logo, name, email address 📧, physical address 🏠, and phone number. You should have these easily accessible during the event.

Additionally, be sure to have your elevator pitch at the ready! 

🔑 An elevator pitch is a 20-second ⏱️ statement that summarizes exactly what it is you do as a content creator.

For example, “I make YouTube lawyer videos that react to Fortnite celebration dances 🕺” and “I do #Instagram posts of beautiful baskets from around the world 🌎” are both focused and concise elevator pitches that help initiate conversation 💬.

Finally, before a networking event, you have to brainstorm about what you can offer fellow attendees. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not attending this event to get something out of it. You’re not going for more subs, more views, or even free stuff. 

The real reason you’re attending this networking event is to help others. Pretend you’re going to a charity event – you’re going to serve, not to be served.

Do you have a friend who reviews video games 🎮 on YouTube you could introduce to a developer? Or, do you have a graphic designer 👨‍🎨 friend you could introduce to someone with a new startup? 

You could even think of interesting ways to livestream from the networking event and include one of your new contacts! This will build a closer connection with that individual while simultaneously helping them out with some free marketing.

Once you have your business cards, elevator pitch, and #value offering all locked 🔒 in, you’re ready for tip number three.

3. Show up!

Of course you have to show up to a networking event for it to help you in any way, but there’s more to it than that.

First, try to stay at a hotel 🏨 nearby the event in order to facilitate more interactions with the people you’re there to meet.

Additionally, be ready for some late nights 🌙. 

In order to get what you’re looking for out of a networking event, you’ve got to be prepared to stay up late. I can tell you from experience, as someone who would prefer to attend a seminar, go back to the hotel, and go to sleep 🛏️, that:

🔑 The best opportunities always seem to arise after 10 P.M. 

In fact, I’d go as far as saying that if you’re really going to make the best of a networking event, you’ll stay after the seminars end, and you’ll mingle at the hotel bar 🍹 with other creators.

That being said, don’t party too much. You don’t want a foggy brain in the morning.

4. Be authentic

Keep in mind that most people attending these events are just like you – they don’t know many (or any!) of the other attendees.

As Tom Cruise would say, this makes for a very “target 🎯-rich environment”. 

In other words, this even playing field should allow for easy authentic conversation. 

Don’t be afraid to approach the person next to you in a natural and organic way. Think back to elementary school 🏫! Comments as simple as, “What a great presentation,” or “Nice laptop 💻! Where’d you get it?” could be enough to lead to actual friendships.

Also, remember to stay present and engaged when involved in conversation! 

Constantly breaking eye contact with the person you’re speaking to because you see Petter McKinnon walking 🚶‍♂️ around is not cool. Take it from me – I’ve done it.

Remaining focused on the conversation and giving your friends your full attention will be key to establishing meaningful connections and hopefully strong friendships.

Finally, you should feel comfortable enough to speak less about your business and more about your personal life, such as what you like to do for fun, or where you’re from.

If you approach others as if you’ve always been the closest of friends, your confidence will carry the weight 🏋️ for you.

5. Get that contact info 

At the end of the event, make sure to collect contact information for everyone you meet. Offer up some free swag like mugs and tshirts 👕, and ask where it should be sent! 

Follow these people on social media, subscribe to their channels, and leave comments so they know you’re a genuine friend.

Then, one or two days after the event, follow up with your new friends. Send them an email, text 📱, or DM 📩 and remind them how great of a time you had speaking with them, and let them know you’d like to build a relationship.

Additionally, you could even suggest a collab or a meet-up in the near future! 

Build strong relationships at networking events, and you’ll be surprised at how many more followers, subscribers, views you get – not to mention friends for life.